Best poker apps 2021

Poker apps are not as prominent as betting apps in the UK as there’s not as many around and even less decent ones. The early poker apps struggled to get the gameplay on a small screen but recent improvements from the iPoker network have seen the apps really improve.

There are some good apps from the big names in betting and from the dedicated poker companies too now. We’ve rated the apps to bring you our top poker apps in the UK. These are all real money live poker rather than video poker that you get on other casino apps. You’ll find the full range of poker games, sit and go tournaments and big prize tournaments.

UK Poker apps guide - our top 3 rated appsTop UK poker apps

We’ve played our cards and here are our top 3 rated apps. all apps have been tested on both i0s and Android devices and these are the apps that scored highest from the main ones we tested.

Best Poker App – Betfair In-play poker

For us, this is the perfect app for poker players -but it’s not a traditional poker app that you may be expecting. There are no tournaments and you don’t even get dealt a hand – But you’ll probably love it!

The Betfair in play poker allows you to bet on which hand over poker will win from the cards you can see. You can bet on which if the 4 cards will win from the initial deal through to the turn. The odds are pre-calculated and you can back (bet on it to win) or lay (bet that it won’t win) on any of the hands. It’s a fast-paced game with set times to get your bets on.

If you know your poker and have a sharp mind you’ll enjoy this style of gameplay. The games are constantly on so you can always have a bet at any point, even if you’ve only got a few minutes. This is an app that is well work checking out for poker fans!

Frequently asked questions about Poker AppsPoker Apps FAQs

What is the best app for beginners? 

We’d still say the bet365 poker app is the recommended app even for beginners. Do some reading up on how the games work, then start with the smallest stakes you can. Learn as you go along and see how you get on. Texas Hold-Em poker is generally regarded as the easiest poker game to learn so start there before checking out other versions.

What is the best offline poker app?

This is something we get asked every now and again and unfortunately, it’s not something we’ve tested or tried. We’re not keen on the video style poker apps and with the mobile networks these days other than on some tube lines or on a plane its rare that you can’t get online.

What is a poker calculator app?

With these apps, you put in your hand and the other cards that have been dealt and the calculator will work out your percentage chance of winning based on the cards you can see. This is perfectly legal and most of the run for Texas Hold-Em Poker. This is a good way to start learning about the maths behind the different poker hands as well as judging when to raise, hold or fold.