Win from behind betting and stats

The win from behind betting market is increasingly popular due to the great odds when you select the winner. There is also a good variation in the “win or draw from behind” market. It’s a good alternative to the half time/ full time market when selecting a reversal in the result. By using a stats based approach to this market we can look to identify teams who are good at winning points from losing positions. This is something that teams trend in especially in the Premier League with some teams almost becoming specialists at nicking goals int he last 10 minutes. Whist there is a temptation to just stick teams you think will win but have leaky defences in by analysing the teams we can get more value and make a more considered approach to this market.

Win from behind betting stats 18/19

These stats are from the current season – Updated 18th September 2018.

Matches played – 5

Wins from behind

  • Bournemouth 1
  • Watford 1
  • Leicester 1
  • Arsenal 1
  • Chelsea 1

Points won from behind

  • Bournemouth 4
  • Watford 3
  • Chelsea 3
  • Leicester 3
  • Arsenal 3
  • Manchester City 1
  • Everton 1
  • Wolves 1
  • Brighton 1

Despite a limited number of games to show Bournemouth continue to head this list as they did last season where they won an astonishing 21 points from losing positions (5 wins, 6 draws). Here’s the full table for the 17-18 Premier League season –

Heres The betting stats for teams who win the most points from losing positions.

If you look over the data there are teams who really stand out like Bournemouth, as previously mentioned, and Crystal Palace. These show a certain mentality about the teams that they keep going where as teams like West Brom don’t come back when they’re losing – no surprise they got relegated then!

Last 5 years stats

We collated all the data from the last 5 years to find the top performing teams when behind, here’s some of the headline stats

Top 6 teams

  1. Spurs 84 points
  2. Chelsea 67 points
  3. Crystal Palace 62 points
  4. Liverpool 58 points
  5. Swansea City 56 points
  6. Arsenal & Manchester City 54 points

To give the data a diffecent spin these are the top 6 teams for average points gained when behindĀ  (Again last 5 years data – minimum 3 seasons)

Top 6 teams

  1. Spurs 1.05
  2. Chelsea 1 point
  3. Manchester City 0.91
  4. Liverpool 0.84
  5. Arsenal 0.72
  6. Manchester United 0.72

This view moves Crystal Palace out of the top 6 and down to 9th in the league as they’ve been behind a whopping 122 times in the last 5 season!

Some other stats

Spurs have won the most games from behind than any other team in the last 5 seasons, 22, 4 more than nearest rivals Chelsea.

Burnley have only won 2 games from behind in 66 attempts – the lowest of any team

West Brom have drawn the most games from behind, 25, but have only won 5 from behind in 113 attempts.