William Hill Bonus Drop Review & How To Play Guide

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Bonus Drop is a promotional game offered out daily by William Hill to its customer base. Registered users get one chance each day to put a token in to the Bonus drop machine in an attempt to win:

  • Free Spins
  • Free Bonuses
  • Cash Prizes

The game is quick and easy to play and is completely free of charge. Read on to find out how to play the Bonus Drop game and where to find it.

How To Play William Hill Bonus Drop

Once the promotion has been selected, a page will load which will have a button play the Bonus Drop. This page also has full terms and conditions of the promotion lower down. Tap on the Play button to get started.

Bonus Drop starting page

The Bonus Drop machine will now appear. The machine is similar to that of the one in the popular tv quiz show Tipping Point. However this machine has seven different possible segments for the disc to land in. Each segment contains a symbol:

  1. Gift Box – If the disc lands here, free spins or a free bonus will be awarded.
  2. Cash Prize – A cash amount that will be paid in to the players account. Users can win various amounts up to a maximum of £1000.
  3. X – This is the LOSE symbol. Landing on this awards no prizes and the user will have to wait until the following day before being able to put another disc in to the machine.

At the top of the machine are three available slots for the disc to be placed in to, resembled by arrows. Tapping on an arrow will select it for the disc to be placed.

Game machine

The disc will then ricochet down the machine to end up in one of the seven segments.

losing game

A message will then appear explaining the outcome. This will either be:

  • A better luck next time message if X is landed on.
  • Detailing the amount of free spins won and which slot games the free spins are valid on, if a gift box is landed on.
  • providing details on the Free bonus awarded and the applicable games, if a gift box is landed on.
  • Outlining the amount won that will be placed in to the player’s account if the Cash Prize symbol is landed on.

Bonus Drop end message

How To Find The Bonus Drop Promotion

The Bonus Drop can be found on the William Hill app and website. The app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS users and from the Google Play Store for Android owners.

The website can be accessed from both mobile and desktop devices using any trusted web browser of choice. You can head straight to the desktop site or mobile website here.

The promotion should be visible from the homepage on the William Hill app and mobile website. It has its own icon within the menu bar, just beneath the scrolling promotional banners.

locating the promotion

From the desktop, the Bonus Drop can be found within the promotions section of the website.

Do William Hill have any other promotions?

William Hill offer plenty of value to their customers in many different ways. Price enhancements and Personal odds boosts are a frequent occurrence with William Hill and there are also more free games to get involved in.

Check out our guide to the Scratch Of The Day promotion, which is another free game that is offered by William Hill.

The William Hill app has plenty of features integrated into it to make it one of the market-leading online bookmakers in the UK marketplace. They are fully licensed to operate and scored very highly in our full app review.

Get In Touch

Have you tried the Bonus Drop and won the big cash prize? Are you having problems playing the Bonus Drop? Have you had a bad experience while playing this promotion? We’d love to hear your stories so please feel free to get in touch.

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Yes, the William Hill Bonus drop is a free game to play for William Hill customers.

The prizes we have seen include free spins, free bonuses and cash prizes. 

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