Betting on Transfers: Your Guide To Next Club Betting

Player transfers have become part and parcel of football these days. League titles are built upon what’s done in the window, with a focus now on spending rather than simply coaching a team to success.

That has meant that records are broken each and every window and it makes for an exciting betting market.

More and more betting apps are now offering odds on transfer betting, and below you’ll find everything you need to know about the market.

What Is Transfer Betting?

Transfer betting is placing bets on players to move clubs or to stay. These fall into two markets, betting on a player club at a certain date, usually, the day after the transfer window closes. The second market is betting on a player’s next team with an open-ended date.

The transfer market is big business not only for clubs but for those betting on them too. All it involves is betting on the next club of a player and will regularly be found on betting sites in the ‘Transfer Specials’ or ‘Next Club’ section of a football betting site. Here’s an example of the betting on Paul Pogbas next club

Transfer betting example - Paul Pogbas next club

It’s a market that is incredibly popular over the summer months, particularly with no matches to bet on, with it hotting up once again around December ahead of the January transfer window.

Where Can I Bet On Transfers?

Many bookmakers will offer markets on transfers, particularly in the build-up to the transfer window, although you’ll likely be able to receive odds on them any time with a bookmaker’s request-a-bet service.

Paddy Power often has a wide range of transfer specials throughout the year ranging from a player’s next club to club specials in which you can back multiples such as players leaving or signing before the end of a transfer window.

Ultimately, with dozens, if not hundreds, of players linked to moves across the season it’s always best to request your odds from a bookmaker. Most now have a service where you can do this, many of them using social media such as Coral, William Hill, and Ladbrokes.

Does transfer gossip help predict transfer betting odds?

When Is The English Transfer Window?

Most of us will want to back players to leave in the English market as it’s the league most of us follow, so it’s important to know when players can or can’t move throughout the season.

In England, the transfer window for Premier League and Football League clubs is split into two, with transfers possible in the summer and throughout January.

This has changed recently, with the summer window now closing before the football season starts in August, a move that hasn’t spread across European football.

Currently, the transfer window in England runs from around May 17- August 9 and January 1-31. As you’d expect, the summer window sees the majority of the action with the total fees often hitting the £1billion mark.

When To Bet On Transfers?

With rumours hitting the headlines each and every day it can be a little difficult to know when to bet on transfers and which publications to trust.

Naturally, most of the paper talk will never come true, particularly any rumours going around in late September, early October, and then post-January.

The build-up to windows is often the best time to trust news outlets reporting, while it’s also worthwhile listening to tipsters and reporters who are specific to a club.

Players who are out of contract at the end of the season are always a safe bet with them likely to make the move in the summer, in which case it’s simply betting on the club where the player may go.

The odds move based on transfer news so it is worth watching the gossip columns for the latest news. The more hype about a player moving the shorter the odds will be. It is worth focusing on early news to get the best value.

When Are Transfer Windows Across Europe?

Of course, transfers don’t simply happen in the UK, and transfers in the likes of Serie A, La Liga, and Ligue 1 can be just as exciting to back.

However, all have different windows in comparison to the Premier League. Below you’ll find the dates of the transfer windows across some of Europe’s biggest leagues…

League Summer Window Winter Window
La Liga June 1 – August 31 January 1 – February 2
Bundesliga June 1 – August 31 January 1 – February 2
Serie A June 1 – August 31 January 1 – February 2
Ligue 1 June 1 – August 31 January 1 – February 2


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