How To Use Paddy Power Responsible Gambling Tools – Stay In Control!

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Paddy Power have five responsible gambling tools to help customers stay in controls. If you are finding it hard to keep track of time and finances while betting, some of these tools may well come in handy.

This page goes through how to use each of the tools available.

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How To Access Responsible Gambling Tools On The Paddy Power App

We will now demonstrate how to get to the responsible gambling tools on the Paddy Power app using an iPhone. However the steps shown remain the same, regardless of device.

From the home page, we head to the user account settings by tapping on the user icon.

user account settings symbol

Within the list of options that show, there should be a section labelled safer gambling. If this section is not visible, then the list may need to be scrolled down. From this section, tap on the safer gambling tools option.

safer gambling tools option

All five of the safer gambling tools should now be listed.

gambling tools

How To Set A Deposit Limit

The deposit limit tool is the first tool on the list. A summary of any existing limits will show. To change the current limit(s), tap on the “Edit Deposit Limit” button.

selecting the deposit limit tool

From here daily, weekly and/or monthly deposit limits can be set. To choose the time limit, tap on the appropriate tab.

daily weekly and monthly Paddy Power deposit limits

When the correct time period is selected, tapping on the deposit limit box will cause the numeric pad to pop up for a new limit to be entered.

entering a new deposit limit

Enter the new limit desired and then tap on the “Set Deposit Limit” button to complete the setup.

how to change deposit limit on the Paddy Power app

if the new limit is less than the limit set before, the new amount will be activated immediately. If the deposit limit request is to raise the limit, the change will take 7 days to come in to effect.

This gives users plenty of time to think over the decision before the new limit is implemented.

How To Set A Loss Limit On The Paddy Power App

Loss limits can help customers from tumbling out of control when experiencing a bad run of form. These can be set over different periods of time and across select services offered by Paddy Power. To get started, tap on the Loss limit button.

accessing the Paddy Power loss limit tool

Three editable fields will now be present. These are.

  1. Products – the services to be applied to the loss limit (sports, casino, etc.)
  2. Time period – week, day, month or year.
  3. Limit amount – the desired loss limit amount.

choosing affected products and services

Enter the appropriate details in to each field, depending on preference.  Now tap on the Continue button.

changing loss limit

a small summary will now show, rounding up the request that is being made for the customer to review. If they are happy that the summary matches their wishes for a loss limit, then the “Confirm” button can be tapped to set the limit in place.

how to set a loss limit on the Paddy Power app

How To Set A Reality Check With Paddy Power

It can be known to lose track of time and surroundings when playing games on the Paddy Power app. Therefore, a tool is available to provide reminders after a certain amount of time of gameplay. Here’s how to get a Reality Check set up.

Tap on the Setup Reality Check button from the list of Safer Gambling Tools.

accessing the Reality check tool

The current status of the tool will now be shown, with the option to modify underneath. To change the current status to a different time period tap on the box showing a downward arrow.

changing reality check time on the Paddy Power iPhone app

A list of time periods will now pop open. These start at ten minutes and go up in 10 minute increments, up to 180 minutes. Tap on the desired time period.

changing reality check time period

Now tap on the Set Reality Check button to activate the changes.

how to set up a reality check on the Paddy power app

How To Take A Break From Paddy Power

The Take A Break Tool is available for those who temporarily want to stop themselves from being distracted by gambling. This feature will shit down a user’s account for:

  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 72 hours
  • 7 days
  • 30 days

After the set time period has expired the account will then be open as normal, exactly the same as it was before the temporary closure. Tap on the Take A Break tool to get started.

take a break tool

The list of times will now show. Choose the time that is the most appropriate and then tap on the continue button.

selecting how long to take a break

A confirmation box will now appear informing the user the account is to be closed for the time requested. Tapping the confirm button will complete the process.

how to use the Paddy Power take a break tool

How To Self Exclude From The Paddy Power App

This tool should be used for those users who are looking to forget about gambling for six months or more. Tapping on the Setup Self exclusion will open the relevant options.

how to access the self exclusion tool

Users can choose to self exclude from:

  • All products
  • Gaming products
  • Virtual products

Tap on the option that is wanted.

selecting products to self exclude from

customers can choose to exclude from these products for:

  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 3 years
  • 4 years
  • 5 years
  • Permanently

Tap on the time period field to reveal these options.

selecting duration of self exclusion

Now tap on the time period required. The time will now show in the box. Select the continue button.

requesting a self exclusion

A confirmation box will now show, explaining that Paddy Power will block you from their services and their wider brands, such as Skybet and Betfair for the time period requested. If the user is happy that all details are correct they can tap on the continue button to complete the process

how to set up a self exclusion with Paddy Power

Further Help And Support

We hope you have found these guides helpful and provide more confidence in using the tools that can help make your gambling experience a more controlled and enjoyable one, whatever that may be. For more information on the features and benefits of the Paddy Power app, check out our full review.

If you have any questions at all relating to a Paddy Power account, or any gambling app for that matter, get in touch with us at @bettingapps on Twitter.


Not using the tools you can’t. There are pre set amounts only to choose from. Requests for amounts outside of these parameters can be requested to the Paddy Power support team, but these will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Not at all. There are many reasons why gambling tools should be used. For example, going on holiday for a fortnight and not wanting to be distracted. We encourage all gamblers to use these tools, if they feel they can help their circumstance.

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