Betting Tips Apps – Which Ones Are Worth Downloading?

There are hundreds of betting tips apps to go at in the app stores, making it difficult to know which ones to actually trust. We run down what we believe makes a good betting tips app, as well as point out those we use and recommend.

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Horse Racing Tipping Apps

At The Races App

At the Races app logo

Racing Post App

Racing post app

Sporting Life App

Sporting Life app

Some of these apps do have betting in-built from selected bookmakers they use. We would recommend comparing betting apps to make sure you are getting the best value if you re following the tips. 

Football Tipping Apps


OLGB app

Oddschecker App

Oddschecker app

Betting Hub: Football Bets App

Betting Hub app

Subscription Tips Services

Subscription tips services are rife on platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, and WhatsApp, all of which we tend to steer clear from. There’s enough out there for free without having to pay for them and the value of free tips compared to “VIP tips” is highly questionable.

Now don’t get us wrong, we are sure there are credible subscription services where there’s a lot of work going on in the background to dig out selections. However, from experience, there are a lot out there who do not.

For those looking to pay for a tips service, here’s our advice on what to check for:

Check followers/group members

Do they have a decent number of followers/group members and if so, how engaged are they? What are people saying in the group thread or comments?

Check transparency

How open is the tipster service? Can you see past tips and results? Are monthly returns shown from the previous month’s subscription tips?

Check if there is a free trial

Some tipster subscription services offer a free trial for potential new subscribers. If so, take advantage of it and either track the tips with very low stake points or just track the tips without backing. If things aren’t looking good on paper when the free trial is due to end, don’t forget to cancel any automatic renewal.

What Is A Good Tipster?

In our opinion, a good tipster is someone who is knowledgeable in the sport or betting genre they are tipping on. They will like to dig deep in to the statistics, while also having their eye on the ball in regard to current news and affairs relating to that topic.

A good tipster should also ALWAYS take the time to provide some type of justification to the selections they are tipping. Not every tip is going to be a winner and when one isn’t, those that backed it deserve to know the thinking behind the perceived value pick that failed to deliver.

Therefore, these are the elements we demand when seeking out tipsters or betting tips apps.

Here are some of the apps we use to gain opinions or tips from experienced tipsters for free across football and horse racing.

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