Betting Online Abroad: All You Need To Know

18+ | commercial content | Commercial Information If you sign up for an account through one of the links on this page we may receive a commission from them for this. This does not effect our rankings and there are some sites we do not receive a commission from. All our reviews are independently … Read more

What Is Spread Betting?

There is a significant difference between betting with fixed odds and spread betting. There’s different markets and different pricing structures . Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We discuss them on this post. First of all we will look at fixed odds betting to better understand the difference between these two systems. Fixed Odds Betting … Read more

How Does Betfair Acca Edge Work?

Acca edge guide

If you use the Betfair sports book app and actively place accumulators, you will have come across Betfair Acca Edge. It’s Betfair’s answer to accumulator insurance. Simply put if you agree to take lower overall odds on your bet you’ll get your stake back if the bet loses by one leg. In my opinion, Betfair’s … Read more

How To Access & Use the BetVictor App Responsible Gambling Tools – Full Guide

how to use BetVictors responsible gambling tools

18+ | commercial content | BetVictor provide a range of online tools in an attempt to keep their customers gambling responsibly. It is highly recommended by gambling governing bodies for ALL gamblers to use such tools to some capacity to help keep aware of surroundings, keep track on spending and to prevent time from … Read more

How To Cash Out On The BetVictor App – Step By Step Guide

How to cash out on the BetVictor app

18+ | commercial content | BetVictor offer a comprehensive cash out facility across multiple sports, allowing customers to lock in a profit or minimise a loss before the outcomes of the bet have been settled. This page will guide you through the BetVictor cash out process. We will demonstrate exactly how to cash out … Read more