William Hill’s #YourOdds: Build Your Football Bets With William Hill

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It’s always great when you can select your own bet and William Hill are certainly putting the power in your hands with their #YourOdds feature.

If you’re looking to get the odds you want, here’s all you need to know about #YourOdds from how to find it to how to play it.

How To Place a Bet Builder Bet On The William Hill App

The Build YourOdds Bet builder is not featured across all football matches or events. Therefore, the first step is to check the event market.

In our example, we are looking to place a bet builder bet on the women’s football match involving Germany and Spain.

The match is happening on the same day we are looking to place the bet, so we can go ahead and tap on today’s football

today's football quick link

from here, we locate the match and tap on it to open up the match markets.

locating a certain fixture

If the Build YourOdds feature is available, it will now be showing just beneath the market filters. Tap on it to open up the bet builder markets.

how to place a bet builder bet on the William Hill app

The markets will now show as a nice tidy list for ease of viewing.

Build Your Odds market list

Tapping on a market will reveal the corresponding selections.

opening the William Hill bet builder markets

Notice how some markets can have different time periods set against them. In our example, we can set the result to be for the match, the first half, the second half or the first fifteen minutes. Make sure the correct time period is selected. This will be the one that is not greyed out. Simply tap on the desired time limit if a change is required.

making bet builder selections

We start to make our selections. As soon as two selections have been made, a list will start to populate at the bottom of the screen. This is where to look to establish the combined odds of the picks.

making multiple selections

Up to eight selections can be combined together and maximum odds allowed is capped at 10,000/1. We continue to add selections until we are happy with the combination and the price being offered. Then we tap on the “Add to BetSlip” button.

Adding Build Your Odds picks to bet slip

The combination of selections will now sit as a single bet within the bet slip. From here any free bets, boosts or bonuses can be applied (if available). We tap on the stake field to enter an amount.

setting a stake with William Hill

The bet slip now opens up to show the individual selections. A number pad is also present so that we can go ahead and enter a stake amount. We are looking to place £5 on, so we enter 5 in to the stake field.

entering a £5 stake on the William Hill app


We now give all the information a quick review. We check the potential returns showing as part of the place bet button and when we are happy we press the button to place the bet and commit to it.

placing a Build Your Odds bet on the William Hill iPhone app

If the bet builder feature isn’t available for a specific event, or if a certain combination of desired markets cannot be made, there is a fall back feature inasmuch as William Hill’s #YourOdds service. Read more about this below.

What Is William Hill #YourOdds?

William Hill #YourOdds is an incredibly simple concept to understand and is basically the virtual version of going into a bookmaker and asking for specific odds in a market.

If you can’t see the bet you wish to place on a specific fixture, then all you have to do is Tweet @WilliamHill using the #YourOdds hashtag with the bet you want to request odds for and they’ll get back to you.

The request will be sent from the social media team to the trading team, where they will analyse the selections and either offer a price or reject the request.

If a price is offered the social media team will reply with a unique link carrying the picks you’ve requested at the odds they are willing to offer. All you have to do is open the link, log in/register and place your bets.

How Do I Play #YourOdds?

Playing and requesting #YourOdds is incredibly simple and can be done in just a few simple steps.

William Hill seems to have a good team monitoring these and bets are priced up quickly. If it is 2 PM on a Saturday afternoon, or the build-up to a Champions League night they are a little busier. It is best to get your bets in early if you know what you want to back to make sure you can place them in time.

  1. Log in to your William Hill betting account
  2. Send a Tweet to @WilliamHill with your requested bet
  3. Wait for William Hill to get back to you with a unique link with the odds
  4. Click the link and place your bet, if you are happy with the odds.

See William Hill pick your odds on Twitter

You can see other peoples requested bets on the app too.

Head to any sports home page and you should see a #YourOdds and/or a #YourOdds Player Stats tab showing you the matches and bets the trading team have already priced up.

You can back these or place your own bets – it’s up to you

YourOdds and YourOdds Player Stats

What Sports Can I Request #YourOdds

The sports you can play #YourOdds with changes on a daily basis, it all depends on what is happening that particular day.

However, all the UK’s major sports are generally covered, while you’ll be able to request bets on multiple football leagues from the Premier League to Serie A, the Championship, and European competitions.

On top of that, major cricket games will be included as well as NBA games, the NFL, Rugby and much more.

Below you’ll find a complete list of the sports you’d expect to see available for #YourOdds…

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • Ice Hockey
  • Formula 1

Things To Consider When Placing A #YourOdds Bet

As you’d expect, with punters choosing their own odds, things can often affect play and void certain aspects of the bet.

There are a number of things to note with this market, including the following…

  • If any aspect of the #YourOdds bet is made void, the entire bet will become void.
  • Any #YourOdds offer that comes through any other social media or customer service channel won’t be accepted. This service can only be used via Twitter.
  • Make sure you check the price you are being offered to make sure you are happy with the value.
  • It may be worth checking the price with a bookmaker that offers instant prices like bet365 to make sure the odds are competitive. With these selected bets it can be hard to compare odds compared to the standard betting market.

Overall this market from William Hill is a good one. They are quick to get the prices up and you can see other people’s selections on the app or website. Want to know more about William Hill and what they offer? Check out our thoughts and opinions in our William Hill app review, where we break down all the features and benefits.

The Bet Builder has a good range of markets meaning that most bets can be made directly on the app. More and more markets continue to be added and we expect the bet builder service to be extended across more sports in the future.


No, cash outs are not offered at all on Build YourOdds bets.

This has recently been extended from six to eight. However, odds are capped at 10,000/1. If odds reach that total with less than eight picks, it will not be possible to add any more.

Yes they can, as long as there are no conflicts in the selections. We have placed multiple bets using bet builders and from other people’s requested YourOdds bets.

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