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The 4 To Win competition has been offered out by Betway for some time. You are encouraged to log in to the Betway app each day for free entry in to this competition. It has a top jackpot amount of £10,000. If you like horse racing, It’s worth reading on to find out more.

How To Play 4 To Win

Betway pick four races each day for their registered users to have a crack at predicting the winners. Anyone who can successfully predict all four will be in with a chance of the jackpot prize.

If there is only one winner, that winner takes the jackpot amount, as advertised. If there are multiple winners, there is a tie-breaker question designed to separate them. The tie break question is to predict the combined winning distance from all of the four related races. Therefore, there is one clear winner overall the majority of the time.

The jackpot is only shared if multiple winners have the same winning tie break answer or if tie break information is not available. In the case of the latter, the jackpot is shared amongst all players who correctly predicted the four winners. 

Play for free

How To Access The 4 To Win Competition

The competition is available daily from the Betway app, mobile site and from a desktop internet browser. It can be accessed from the promotions page or from within the quick-links within the menu system.

Selecting 4 To Win will open the competition splash page, which reveals how much the jackpot is on that particular day and how long there is left to enter. As a general rule of thumb, Sunday to Friday jackpots are £1,000 and the ITV Saturday jackpot is £10,000. 

From the splash page, tap on the “Play for free” button to open up the competition.

Playing Guide

The first race will be opened up, with each horse listed. The list may need to be expanded by tapping on “show more” on smaller devices. Once a horse has been selected, tap on the next race time to open up the list for the second race. Repeat for races three and four.

Making selections

Once all races have had a horse selected, enter a length for the tie break question, predicting the total amount of winning lengths. 

tie break question

All predictions should now be visible for review and once happy, the submit button can be pressed to lock in those selections. Once your picks have been submitted, they cannot be altered.

confirming predictions

Random Picker Tool

For those who haven’t got a clue about horses or haven’t got the time to dig in to the form, there is a random picker tool available. When used, the the competition literally takes seconds to get an entry in. 

Open the competition and then press “Try Random Pick” button at the top. A selection for each race will then randomly be picked, along with a random total length for the tie-breaker. Results can then be modified as seen fit, or the submit button can be pressed for a lightning-quick entry. 

Checking Your Results

Results can be checked from the 4 to win splash page. at the bottom of the page links can be found for:

  1. How it works.
  2. Results.
  3. Terms & Conditions.

Selecting the Results link will display all of the historic results of the competition races. Combined winning lengths are also shown here.

However, the results do not show the selections that the user made, or provide any indication on whether the user correctly predicted a winner or not. Therefore, we recommend taking a screenshot, or making a note of the horses and distances predicted for your own future reference. You are also emailed your selections once placed so you can refer back to this. 

If you are a winner Betway will be in touch to let you know. But if you correctly predicted three horses, for example, you would never know unless you were to manually track it yourself. 

Give It A Try For Yourself

We hope you have found this guide of use and now feel confident enough to get your own entry on, should you wish to do so. In order to play, a registered account is required. If you do not have one, you can sign up today here for free.

We have tested not only the 4 To Win promotion, but the whole service range that Betway has to offer. You can read more about what’s available from our full review of the Betway app

Still have questions that need answering? Get in touch with us on Twitter @bettingapps, where we would be more than happy to assist with any query. 


To play the 4-to-win game you must have a registered account and then follow these steps – 

  1. Log in and go to the horse racing section
  2. Tap the “4-to-win” top banner
  3. Select 1 horse to win each race
  4. Select the winning lengths of all the horses combined
  5. Tap to submit your selections

Yes, Betways 4 to free is free to enter, you just need a Betway account.

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