How To Play The ITV7 Competition – Big Jackpots On Offer For Free

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The ITV7 competition gives you a free chance to win large jackpots on the big racing events. It is a good way to add a little extra tension on a day at the races or a day in front of the television watching the races.

The races in question will involve televised races across the ITV channel and regularly occur on a Saturday, as well as across the big festivals, such as Cheltenham, Aintree and Ascot.

The usual jackpot amount offered is £50,000, although users can expect this to be bumped up on days such as the Grand National and Gold Cup.

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How to Play ITV7 competition

You are required to predict 7 winners from the seven races selected by the competition organisers, as well as a tie-break question of the winning distance from the last race.

If all seven horses are correctly predicted by just one player. The jackpot amount is won. If there is more than one winner, the Tie break question will come into play and the winner with the closest distance will win the jackpot.

If nobody correctly predicts all seven winners, a consolation prize is awarded to the top performer of the round. A standard round has a consolation prize of £100. A £1,000 is available as a consolation prize for competitions that are broadcast.

How To Play The ITV7 Competition

In order to play the ITV7 competition, users must be registered for a SkyBet gaming account. This can be any Sky account, such as:

  • Sky Poker
  • Super Six
  • Sky Bet Sports
  • Sky Casino
  • Fantasy Football

If you have any of the above accounts, the login credentials should log you into the ITV7 predictor.

The game is also available from any desktop or mobile browser and also has a dedicated app for iOS and Android users. Download the app or visit the site and log in to get started.

ITV7 Playing Guide

From the homepage of the app, or the website there should be a prominent box displayed, showing the jackpot amount and a button labelled “Enter Now” press the button to start making your predictions.

Once a pick has been selected, the next race will automatically appear, showing all available horses. The horses have full-form guides attached to them and clearly show the current odds for each runner.

competition gameplay

When seven elections have been made, covering each race, The tie breaker will then need to be predicted. This is done using a slider that resembles the finishing post.

competition tie break question

Once the Tie breaker has been answered, a summary page will appear showing all the selections that have been made. These can be reviewed and altered as desired. Once happy the selections can then be submitted and the entry will be complete.

Confirming ITV7 picks

Your selections can still be modified even after they have been submitted. You can change your selections as many times as you like up until closing time for entries. Therefore, it is worthwhile keeping an eye on your horses just before closing time, in case any non-runners need to be swapped out.

How To Check ITV7 Results

The ITV 7 app and website have a results service attached that allows users to check historic results and personal performance. This is available from the main menu.

You can also check in halfway through a round to see if the races that are over have returned winners and whether or not they are still in with a chance of the jackpot.

Create A Private League

The ITV7 app provides groups of family, friends or colleagues the chance to compete in their own private leagues. A league can be set up with invites sent to create your very own league, with your own rules attached.

For example, A group of 10 friends could all decide to put £10 in each, with the top performer of the round taking the £100 pot. The league will automatically track results and tier each participant into a league table. Competitions can run weekly, monthly or yearly, depending on the user’s preference.

Bet On Your Picks with SkyBet

As the ITV7 competition is linked with the SkyBet service, SkyBet is only too happy to let you know how much your selections would return, should you have a bet on them. Because of the fact, that seven horses are involved, betting just £1 usually brings back a return well into the thousands. You can tap login and place your bets directly or alternatively load them into the Sky Bet app where you can tweak them and use multiple bet options. 

However, we play this competition regularly and have got nowhere near picking seven winners. The closest we have come is five winners and none placed. if we had placed £1 on our selections each time we entered, we would be hundreds of pounds down.

Therefore, we keep away from betting on our selections and keep this game a free attempt to win the £50,000 jackpot. It’s nice to see the odds so we don’t mind them being there, but for us, the potential stake here would be better spent on a bet with fewer selections.


We enjoy frequently playing the ITV7 competition, despite the fact we have never won a penny from it. However, you have to be in it to win it and for us, it adds a little more entertainment to race days and as long as you just stick to the competition, your entry will be free of charge. 

If you still have unanswered questions regarding ITV7 you can get in touch with us on Twitter @Bettingapps where will answer any betting-related query.

If you are looking for betting apps then check out our homepage for the latest reviews as well as daily tips across football and horse racing. 


To play ITV7 you need to follow these simple steps

  1. If you don’t have a Sky bet or Sky gaming account you need to register an account at or via the ITV7 app.
  2. Verify your email address and then log in.
  3. Tap play from the home screen and make your selections and tie break prediction.
  4. Submit your selections and you are done. 
  5. If you have any non-runners or want to make changes then log back in and edit your selections. 

Yes the ITV7 is completely free to play. 

If your playing the ITV7 and your horse is a non-runner you will automatically get the favourite based on the starting price. If there are 2 favourites you will get whichever of those 2 horses has the lowest number on the racecard. 

Yes there is the ITV7 app that is available on i0s and Android. 

If you go to the ITV7 app or  you can check the results. If you login you can check your own results there too.

Once you have entered your selections in a league it is not currently possible to leave it. 

ITV7 is a free-to-play game with cash prizes. You try to predict the winning horses in 7 races that day and can win the full prize pot or a share of the prize. 

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