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Tombola Bingo App

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Tombola Bingo App Review

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Tombola Bingo Company Information

Tombola Bingo is a prominent online bingo brand, originating from the UK. It was launched in 2006 by Tombola Ltd –  a Sunderland based company. In 2022 it was bought out by Flutter (Paddy Power/ Betfair) but they have not changed much on the app. Unlike many other online bingo apps, Tombola operates its own proprietary software, which sets it apart in terms of game offerings and user experience.

One of Tombola Bingo’s most notable achievements was the introduction of its mobile platform in 2011, allowing players to enjoy bingo games on the go. This move further solidified Tombola’s position in the online gaming industry and contributed to its growing popularity.

So what is the service like over a decade on? We give it a thorough workout in order to find out.

Tombola Bingo App

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How To Get The Tombola Bingo App

Tombola Bingo iPhone App

iPhone and iPad users can download the Tombola bingo app from the Apple App Store.

  • Requires around 40MB of storage
  • 3D Touch capability
  • Biometric login on compatible devices

Tombola Bingo Android App

Android users can head straight to the Google Play Store from the button below to get the Tombola App installed on their phone or tablet.

  • Over 1 million downloads
  • Rated 4.5 on the Play Store
  • Biometric capability on compatible devices

Tombola Bingo Mobile Website

The Tombola website can be accessed from any mobile web browser. The site is fully optimised for the smaller screens and offers a very similar experience to the dedicated apps.

  • Takes up no internal storage
  • Tends to suffer with less bugs than the native apps.
  • Can be saved as a bookmark/favourite or add to home screen for quicker access in the future.

Appearance, Layout And Design

The Tombola Bingo app has a unique design, due to the fact it has been built in-house. However, we are torn on whether this is a good thing or not.

In terms of appearance, everything is on the large side. This makes the information very clear to see and games easy to top on, even on the smallest of screens.

However, the layout is not the most user-friendly. The menu systems are a little confusing and the information users are looking for can often be hard to find.

For example, the option to locate just bingo games is hidden deep in the menu and is labelled “traditional”.

In terms of information, the game lobby displaying all bingo rooms available fails to show how much a ticket costs in each room. In order to find this out we actually have to enter each bingo room.

Here is how the application looked when we were writing this review of the Tombola Bingo app.

Screenshot of Tombola Bingo iPhone app

Tombola Bingo App Features


Tombola Bingo is one of the best bingo apps when it comes to varying bingo styles. Rooms can be entered offering:

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 80 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • 50 ball bingo
  • 40 ball bingo
  • 30 ball bingo

Low-Cost Bingo

Tombola prides itself on looking after its customer’s welfare and making bingo affordable to all, whilst maintaining fairness.

Players can get involved for as little as 1p and Tombola enforces a maximum stake of £2 on all of their bingo games.

There’s also some free bingo games that crop up from time to time, so it can pay off by checking in on the app regularly.

Big Jackpots

There a frequent big jackpot games hosted that give users the opportunity to win amounts up to £20,000. Tombola isn’t shy in letting users know either. Recent winners are regularly placed on the home page in an attempt to provide inspiration to the rest of the customer base.

Speed Bingo

There are plenty of quick quirky bingo games that are designed for those on a limited time schedule. Games such as Pulse offer bingo rooms offering lightning-quick bingo calls that have games done and dusted within 2 minutes.

Social Features

There are chat features built in to the bingo games on the Tombola app. Users can connect with other bingo players to meet new friends, congratulate winners and spark up meaningful conversations.

A chat host welcomes players to the rooms, but from our experience doesn’t really help in guiding any conversation.

Instead, the chat thread tends to get inundated with players counting down how many numbers they need, making any type of conversation difficult to digest. 

Casino Games

The Tombola Bingo app has a small selection of casino games to try out. As the app is not integrated with the big-name game providers, users will find this side of things quite limited.

One positive Tombola has though is that the casino games that are on offer here can’t be found anywhere else. Therefore, it’s worthwhile exploring games such as Tombola Roulette, CINCO, NEVADA or Reel Bingo to see if one game alone makes the Tombola app worth keeping.

Offers And Promotions

As with most gambling apps bonuses and offers are splattered all over the homepage, enticing users in. There’s also a dedicated promotions section that can be found on the homepage, within the dynamic menu button in the top left corner of the app.

Information on all the big jackpot games, free bingo games and special offers can be found here. As offers change each month, it’s best to head to the promotions section yourself to see what is currently on offer.

Payment Options And Withdrawal Times

Users looking to deposit with a UK debit card will have no issues depositing their funds and can have funds showing in their account instantaneously. However, that is the ONLY payment that is accepted.

PayPal used to be offered as a payment method but has since been removed as an option. Although debit cards will probably be the most popular method of transacting, we were still slightly disappointed by the absence of other methods.

Withdrawal times from VISA cards can take as little as 1 hour to show back in the bank account. However, other debit cards can take between 3-5 business days.

Final Thoughts

We would class the Tombola Bingo App as being one of the best bingo apps for those who are only interested in bingo. Whereas other bingo apps have ventured out in to games, Slingo, casino, slots etc, Tombola have very much kept bingo as the centre piece of its operation.

There are lots of different styles of bingo users can play here, with a good selection of themes and rooms built in to each style.

The unique design of the app means there are games that will be only found here, but the downside for us here is the clunkiness of the navigation and lack of transparency when it comes to ticket pricing.

We would recommend this app to the hardened bingo fanatic. However, for those looking for a more complete entertainment package, other apps may be more of a fit. A good option would be to read our Gala Bingo app review and see if that is more suitable to your needs. 

Other Tombola Apps

Tombola arcade app

The Tombola Arcade app is designed in the same format as the bingo app. The difference here is that the focus is purely on the games side of things. Bingo has been stripped out and lots more slots, instant wins and casino games have been added.

Each game has Tombola’s unique design ingrained in to it. Users aren’t going to be blown away by the latest graphics here, but the style in which games are presented is aesthetic, clear and most have a toe tapping tune in the background (Which can be switched off).

Registered Tombola Bingo users can download the app and log in using the same credentials. There is no need for two accounts.

The Tombola Arcade app is available on the App Store and Google play Store. It is also fully accessible from the Tombola Arcade website.

Q & A

This can be for a number of reasons but the most common one is because the user has an account balance greater than £2.

As part of their responsible gambling measures, Tombola will not allow users to deposit further funds in to the account unless there is a balance  of less than £2 in it.

Views From The Author

Since reviewing the Tombola bingo app, I find myself still logging in every now and then to play a little bingo, check out the offers and to explore new games.

These games can’t be found on other bingo apps which, obviously brings a lot of appeal to me, given my line of work. I’m not a daily user of this app, but I can see why bingo lovers looking to play convenient bingo in a simple format are.

I’m not a big fan of the layout, but I do enjoy the games I play and have been known to take Tombola up on an offer or two. This app is certainly one worth downloading, in my opinion.

Quick Take Aways

  • Plenty of Bingo styles available
  • Unique Games
  • Informative social media sites
  • Unique Design
  • Good variety of promotions 

Ranking Factors

How long have you used the app? I’ve used the app now for around 3 months in any sort of large capacity. However, I have had the app installed for years, just to keep my eye on the offers and the development of features.  

What is your favourite feature of this app? I am a traditionalist when it comes to Bingo and Tombola deal with 90 ball bingo very well. Therefore, this is the game I spend the most time on when it comes to Tombola’s services.  

What is this app best for? Definitely Bingo. It has a simple design, with lots of bingo games and only a few select casino games that keeps the focus on the bingo balls. 

Meet The Author

Tombola Company Information

Contact Information


Phone: 0800 464 3411

Address: Tombola Ltd, Tombola House, Low Street, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, SR1 2JR

Social Media

Twitter: @tombola

Facebook: /tombola

Instagram: @tombola_uk

Tombola Responsible gambling

Tombola Responsible Gambling Policy: Here 

Responsible gambling features

  • Self Exclusion
  • Game Freeze
  • Cooling Off Periods
  • Time Keeping
  • Stake Limits
  • Spend Limits