How To Use The bet365 Bet Builders – A Full Step-By-Step Guide.

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Welcome to our bet365 bet builder guide, providing step by step instructions on how to build your very own unique and personalised bet.

Bet365’s bet builder tool is available across football, tennis, American football and basketball. We will look at each one individually.

What Bet Builder Are You Looking For?

How To Place A Football Bet Builder

To get to the bet builder, from the home page, navigate to the soccer section and locate the fixture looking to be bet on. In our example, we are using West Ham v Manchester City. Tap on the fixture to open up the betting markets. Images are taken on an iPhone but are identical to Android and mobile. You can read more in our bet365 sports app review here

navigating the football section

The page will open up to show the most popular markets. Select the Bet Builder option from the top menu.

bet365 football bet builder tab

The markets that are possible to combine will now all be displayed

football bet builder markets

As the event gets closer, more markets can become available, especially in the popular fixtures. Examples of markets to receive late entries are the player markets, such as goals, shots on target and cards.

Each market shown will reveal the betting lines and odds associated with it when tapped on.

revealing football odds

Tapping on a selection will then add it to the Bet Builder list which will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Any conflicting markets will now disappear and the odds on all available markets will update to take into account anything already added to the list.

making a selection

Continue to add more selections (up to 12) until satisfied with the combination and odds. When happy tap the add to bet slip button at the bottom of the Bet Builder list.

adding more picks

The markets will now be combined together into a single bet and placed into the bet slip. This will automatically pop up once the bet has been placed into it.

You can then tap on the “show options” link on the right-hand side of the bet slip to check each individual selection and available balance.

However, if you are confident that no errors were made during the building process, enter your stake and tap the “place bet” button to place the bet. 

placing a football bet builder bet

Confirmation will now appear on the screen that the bet has been placed. An option to set up live alerts on the fixture will be present and the bet will now sit within the “My Bets” section of the bet365 app.

bet confirmation

From here, a full summary of the bet can be viewed, as well as any cash-out options that are available.

reviewing a placed bet builder bet

How To Place A Tennis Bet Builder Bet

To get started locate a match from the tennis section of the bet365 app and tap on it. In this example, we are looking to bet on the Andy Murray v John Isner match.

tennis section on the bet365 app

Now tap Bet Builder from the top menu of the markets page.

bet365 tennis bet builder

All of the available tennis markets that can be used in the bet builder will now show. Tapping on a market will reveal the betting options for it. Scroll through and start to make selections.

making a selection

Continue to add/remove selections, until a combination and a price have been settled upon. Now tap the add to bet slip button.

combining picks on the tennis bet builder

The list of added selections will now become the bet slip, with all selections bundled together into one bet.

adding tennis bet builder to bet slip

Enter a stake amount for the bet and then tap on the “Place Bet” button to commit to it.

placing a bet builder on tennis with bet365

A confirmation summary will now appear at the bottom to let you know the bet has been successfully placed.

bet confirmation

How To Place A Basketball Bet Builder Bet

To place this type of bet, head to the basketball category and locate the game lines. Tap on the game line to be bet on. In our example, we are looking to bet on the Indiana Fever @ Phoenix Mercury game from the WNBA.

basketball fixtures on the bet365 iPhone app

The main markets will now be displayed for that particular game. Get the bet builder markets up by switching to the Bet Builder tab from the top menu

bet365 basketball bet builder

All of the available basketball markets will now show, offering drop-down options.

available markets

Tapping on the markets will open up the betting options within that market, and the current odds offered.

basketball bet builder odds

Browse through the markets and start to make selections. As picks are made they will be listed at the bottom of the screen.

how to make selections

Continue to add picks and each time more selections are added, the odds automatically update to reflect the total combined odds.

combining selections

When the user has found a combination of selections they are confident in, at a price they see as being acceptable, they can go ahead and tap the “add to bet slip” button.

adding selections to the bet slip

The selections will now be transformed in to a neatly bundled single bet contained in the player’s bet slip. This will automatically pop up at the bottom of the screen.

bet365 bet slip

Tap on the stake field to enter the amount to be risked on the bet and then tap on the “Place Bet” button to confirm.

how to place a basketball bet builder at bet365

The basketball bet builder bet will now be placed successfully.

How To Place A Bet Builder Bet On American Football

American football is one of the latest sports at bet365 to have the bet builder feature built in to it. All NFL and NCAAF fixtures now have bet builder options attached to them. As with the other bet builders, up to twelve different markets can be combined together from the same match to create a multi-pronged single bet.

To place this type of bet in American football, head to the American football section of the app and open up the game lines.

Tap on the game line that is of interest. For the purpose of the demonstration, we are interested in betting on New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins.

bet365 American football options

By default, the markets page will open up to show the main markets. Tap on the “Bet Builder” tab to view the bet builder markets.

bet365 American football bet builder

All markets that can be combined in to the bet builder will now show. In our example we are looking to bet on the game three months in advance. The choice of markets at this point is quite limited. More markets get priced up and made available as the event gets closer.

American football bet builder markets

Tapping on a market will drop down the betting options for it, with odds clearly showing for each selection.

bet365 NFL bet builder odds

Tapping on the odds for a particular selection will select it for the bet builder and a list will start to populate at the bottom of the screen.

making NFL selections

Continue to add more selections to build up the overall price of the bet. As more picks are added, the odds update automatically. When the picks and odds meet the demands of the customer, they can then go ahead and add them to their bet slip by tapping on the “add to bet slip” button.

adding picks to the bet slip

The list of selected markets at the bottom of the screen will now revert to the bet slip, showing all selections packed up in to a single bet.

bet365 bet slip with bet builder bet in it

Place an amount in to the available stake field and the potential returns based on that stake will populate on the right hand side. The place bet button will now be activated. Tapping on it will go ahead and place the bet builder bet.

placing an NFL bet builder bet

A bet confirmation will now show at the bottom of the screen. Full details of the bet are displayed and can also be opened up to outline each individual selection included.

bet confirmation

Making A Multiple Bet From Bet Builder Bets

Bet builder bets can only combine markets together from a single match. However multiple bet builder bets can be put together to create a double, treble or accumulator. They can also be combined with none bet builder bets to create multiples.

Once a bet builder has been added to the bet slip, it will stay there unless removed or bet upon. This gives users the opportunity to go ahead and add more bet builder bets or standard bets to the bet slip.

multiple bet builder bet

Each bet builder bet can be bet upon as a single. Scroll down to the bottom of the bet slip to find the multiple bet options.

Our example has three bet builders placed in to the bet slip. Therefore we will need to add a stake in to the trebles field if we would like to combine the three bet builder bets together.

adding a stake amount in the right field

Once an amount is entered in to a stake field the “Place Bet” button at the bottom of the screen will become active. Pressing it will go ahead and place all corresponding bets with a stake amount entered.

bet365 multiple bet builder bets

A bet confirmation screen will pop up summarising the bets that have just been placed.

multiple bet builder bet confirmation

All of our demonstrations above were conducted from an iPhone. However, the process of placing a bet builder on bet365 remains the same, regardless of operating system or device. Android  and other mobile users can follow this guide to place a bet builder bet, as can desktop users.

Read our bet365 app review. to get a bigger picture of what to expect from a registered bet365 account.

Bet Builder wins and stories

We’d love to get your feedback on using the bet365 bet builder and how you rate the feature? Have you had a big win? Have you had a bad experience?

Get in touch to let us know at @bettingapps on Twitter. With your permission, we will gladly share your stories on this page.

Please remember to gamble responsibly. You can read about how to use the responsible gambling tools on the bet365 app here.


Bet builder bets on bet365 are eligible for a cash out offer. However, there are reasons why the cash out feature may be withdrawn. The classic example of this is in-play, if the bet has an extremely low chance of winning.

No. Once a Bet builder bet has been placed it cannot be modified. Therefore, it is advised to fully review the selections before hitting the “Place Bet” button.

There are times when a Bet builder bet may not be accepted. This is usually down to the size of the stake.

We have had instances whereby a message appears after attempting to place the bet, stating that only a portion of the stake can be automatically accepted and that the remainder of the stake amount has been sent to the trading team for review.

The user then has the option to place the automatic staked amount and wait to hear back from the trading team, or remove the selection from the bet slip.

If any leg of a bet builder bet is voided on bet365, the whole bet will be made void and the stake returned back to the player’s account.