Paddy Power Beat The Drop Guide: How To Play + Top Tips

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Beat The Drop is a promotion offered out by online bookmaker Paddy Power. It is free to play on a daily basis to anyone who has a registered account. Those who play give themselves a chance of winning up to £5,000.

How does Beat The Drop work?

Beat The Drop details

Free to play. Only one game may be played at any given time. Answer 15 questions and money left in the pot after all the questions are answered is yours to keep. T&Cs apply.

Players are given £5,000 at the start of the game. All that stands between the player having that money placed in to their gaming account are 15 questions. Each question requires either a yes or a no answer.

The £5,000 needs to be placed on the first question. The £5,000 can either be placed entirely on yes or entirely on no. It can also be split. For example,  £2,500 being placed on each answer. Players can split the £5,000 however they see fit.

Whatever amount is left (if any) at the end of the 15 questions will be the players to keep. Winnings will be paid as cash directly in to the players Paddy Power account.

If cash runs out before the 15 questions are answered, the game ends at that point. The player will then need to wait for the following day before being able to play Beat The Drop for free again. 

How To Access The Beat The Drop Promotion

This promotion can be found from Paddy Power’s website and app. From a mobile device, select the “find” option from the Paddy Power homepage.

find feature on Paddy Power homepage

The Beat The Drop promotion should now be showing from within the “More Fun and Games” section

Accessing the Beat the Drop promotion

Playing Beat The Drop

To help you visualise how the game plays out, here are a few screenshots of the early stages. When selecting the promotion, users are directed to the page of the first question.

A list of questions are available to be picked as the first. Each question has a closing time, usually in line with the event starting. Questions are across whatever sport is available that day. This is usually football, horse racing and tennis.

First question

When a question has been selected a pop up window will appear at the bottom. This is where the player needs to confirm their entry in to the game.

starting the game

The £5,000 will then be added to the pot. The full amount is needed to be placed as desired. This is achieved using a slider. Split amounts are clearly shown as the slider moves. Moving the slider completely to the left will place all the money on yes. Sliding it all the way right will place the full amount on no.

Splitting the pot on Beat The Drop

Once a split has been selected, it can be edited up until the closing time of the question.

editing the split on Beat the drop

When the event starts, the question will close and pot amounts will then be locked in.

Answers lock when in-play

How To Win At Beat The Drop

This depends on the user and what they are looking to get out of the game. For someone looking to win the maximum amount, the only strategy is to risk all of the £5,000 on one answer and hope it is correct 15 times in a row.

For those happy to walk away with any type of profit, splitting is the way forwards. A profit of £9.80 can be achieved by placing the full £5,000 on one answer for the first six questions and then chopping the remaining nine.

  1. WIN£5,000
  2. WIN£5,000
  3. WIN£5,000
  4. WIN£5,000
  5. WIN£5,000
  6. WIN£5,000
  7. SPLIT£2,500
  8. SPLIT£1,250
  9. SPLIT£625
  10. SPLIT£312.50
  11. SPLIT£156.25
  12. SPLIT£78.10
  13. SPLIT£39.10
  14. SPLIT£19.50
  15. SPLIT£9.80

Get a 13 Question game instead of 15

Active punters on Paddy Power can earn themselves a 2 question head start in this free game. Any customer who bets £5 or more on sports or £20 or more on slots is eligible for a free game token with just 13 questions.

Beat the drop with 13 questions

Place a min bet of E/€5+ on Sports, and/or €/€20 on Slots each week to qualify. Earn a 13 Question, €/€5,000 Beat The Drop game when you qualify. One 13 Question, €/€5,000 Beat The Drop game available per qualifying customer per week. Claim required from promotions page. T&Cs apply. Please gamble responsibly.

Is The Paddy Power App Trustworthy?

The Paddy Power app is fully licensed and regulated within the UK gambling market. They come highly recommended by us.

We have been using Paddy Power (amongst others) for over ten years and can verify the service as fair and the odds offered competitive. You can read our full Paddy Power app review for a full breakdown of features and benefits.

Tell Us Your Stories

Have you won big on Beat The Drop? What has been your best run? Get in touch and let us know. Also feel free to fire any questions or queries you may have relating to Beat The Drop at @bettingapps on Twitter. Below are some of the questions we have been asked already.

Beat the Drop FAQs

To play Best the Drop follow these steps

  1. Sign up or log in to Paddy Power
  2. Go to find in the bottom left corner and search “best the drop”
  3. Start the game and make your first-round selections
  4. Keep some money in the pit in each round to keep your game in play

You can check the results in the Best the Drop section of the Paddy Power app, the options in the bottom menu bar change. One of these options is “BTD History”.

Select this option to display all results from previous questions answered.

No. Only one question can be answered at any one time.

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