Betdaq Exchange App Review

Betdaq Exchange appThe Betdaq app is a good alternative to the Betfair app if you like trading on an exchange market. Betdaq is owned by Coral/Ladbrokes and there is an app version called the Ladbrokes exchange app. This is the Betdaq app with Ladbrokes branding.

Betdaq app review

We will start with a quick guide on how to download the app before getting into our review.

How to download Betdaq app

There are two ways to install the Android app or iPhone app. You can either install the app directly from the Google Play store or iTunes app sore or alternatively, add the mobile site to your home screen once registered.

The first step for either method is to register as a Betdaq customer. This can be done on either your mobile, tablet or computer via the link below.

Click here to join and see the latest offers from Betdaq

Betdaq android app home pageOnce registered, we recommend you add the link to your home screen to install the app rather than the third-party download. This is due to the snags that you get with some third-party apps.

If you do wish to download the app then follow the link that appears on the home page to do so.

The best way to describe Betdaq on Android is simply to say “it’s okay”. It’s not the best-designed app or the most interesting looking app but it is secure and reliable. However, there are some advantages to using Betdaq as an alternative to the Betfair exchange app.

The main one being that you only pay 3% commission on your trades meaning a little more winnings in your pocket. They also have some 0% commission events around live football matches that you can take advantage of.

One of the best features of the app is the search facility. This is something that is a bugbear our ours that more apps don’t have this. If you’ve seen a tip on Twitter or Facebook or one from a mate, and you don’t know the teams it can be hard finding them at times.

With Betdaq it isn’t! Just type in the name of the team and the app will find the match for you. Then just navigate to the market you want and get your bet on  – simple!

Horse racing on Betdaq appThe app runs well even over 3G/4G and is easy to use. It does look very similar to most apps in terms of the quick sports links across the top and featured events/ in play on the home screen.

Across the bottom of the app, you will find other handy links including the multiples link for placing accas.

The multiples section works more as a standard bookmaker rather than the main app which is for the exchange market. If you switch to the desktop site the multiples section is branded as “1 bet”. We would expect this to change and for the multiples section to become more in line with the offering from Ladbrokes.

There is the potential for Betdaq to be fully integrated into the Ladbrokes app at some point but we’re not really expecting this to happen any time soon. Overall the Betdaq Android app is worth using for exchange betting.

Betdaq exchange feature list

The app has a few interesting extras including pro form guides on the UK and Irish horse racing. This gives you all the form and a write up of each horses chances – this is a variation from the racing post information a number of other bookies use. This information is free for all to see on the app – you don’t even need to login to see it if you want to have a quick read.

They also have their unique horse finder on the app which allows you to select options and the app will find horses based on your rules. So if you fancy a 4-year-old who previously won at Kempton Park to win then it will find them for you.

There are others like the BetVictor app which have a similar feature but it works on a slightly different algorithm.

According to the listing on iTunes, there are over 35,000 people who have downloaded the Betdaq app and I’d expect the Android number to be the same. Whilst it’s not a major player in the betting market at that size, it’s an app worth using for backs and lays on the big games.

Exchange Betting

Betdaq iphone app home

BETDAQ is a slightly different way to go about your sports betting, offering punters new kind of exchange platform to help them secure better odds and lay bets as well as back their favourite teams, players and horses.

The mobile apps are a great extension of the brand’s offering, with all of the traditional exchange features readily available in the palm of your hand. All of the normal betting opportunities are here, as well as a few added extras to boot.

Fed up of backing losing selections? Maybe now is the time to start laying bets that you DON’T think will happen.

All of the added extras, such as in-play and instant cash out are here, so you can lock in your profits whenever you’re ready.

As far as the best iPhone sports betting apps go, Betdaq really isn’t close to the top 10. However, for the exchange trader looking for an alternative to Betfair, this could be the app for you.

Betdaq Exchange on iPhone


There are no bells and whistles present in the app: the design is basic and allows an efficient user experience, rather than looking like the bees knees but letting you down at the business end.

The menus are sensibly laid out and enable a straightforward user journey. You will navigate your way to your preferred sports and markets with the minimum of fuss; essential if you’re placing an in-play or time-sensitive wager.

There are nice stabs of colour too, including the trademark BETDAQ purple. So all in all, it’s a nice-looking app that does the job that is required of it.

cash out availableFeatures

The App offers all of the features you’d expect, enabling you to back, lay and cash-in your horse racing, football, tennis, golf and any other wagers placed across the multitude of sports on offer on your Apple device.

Lock in your profit via the cash-out option. Don’t forget you can lay selections as well as back them. This is a new way of making a profit, so if you think a favourite is over-priced make sure you lay them via the exchange.

The push technology implemented in the app ensures that odds are completely up-to-date to ensure you’re not missing out, and the search function helps you get to where you need to be in no time at all.

Betdaq Exchange button


If you’ve ever thought about trying a betting exchange but never taken the plunge, now is a great time to get involved. The App is a brilliant platform for bringing their award-winning exchange to your Apple devices.

Back or lay: that decision is yours. But the app will provide you with ample opportunity to place your wagers, and do so with the minimum of fuss as well.

There’s a whole litany of promotions and bonuses available to help you keep your bankroll ticking over, as well as the ability to cash-out your bets and wager in-play if you’ve spotted some unmissable value.

So download the BETDAQ App today to try the next generation of sports betting at your fingertips.