Betfair In Play Poker App

Betfair exchange games logo - poker and blackjack in playThere is a new kind of poker app available, the Betfair in play poker app, and it’s available on iPhone, iPad and Android. This really is like no other poker app available. This isn’t your traditional poker where you get dealt one hand. Instead you have four different hands to look at and the game is to bet (or lay) on which hand(s) you think is/are going to win.

Update: This is now part of the Betfair exchange games app, along with other games following the same play style.

In Play Poker App By Betfair – Guide

On the Betfair in play poker app you can bet on any one of four hands of poker winning. With it being Betfair it also works like an exchange meaning you can also lay hands too. We’ve played a lot of games on the Betfair in play poker app and it’s safe to say we love it. The games are quick and placing your bets could not be easier.

Betfair Poker For Android

Betfair exchange games screen shots from the iPhone appIf you are on Android, it is a little trickier to install the Betfair in play poker app. Firstly you will need to register via the link above, then go to and follow the banner to get the link text to you.

You will also need to have your phone available and have the required settings enabled to allow the install of third party apps. Alter the setting simply by following these simple steps.

Select incon labelled ‘Apps’ on the homescreen of your Android device > Tap on the option ‘Settings’ > Followed by ‘Security’ > Finally make sure there is a tick beside ‘Unknown Sources’.

Betfair In Play Poker App – Placing Bets

Once you have installed the Betfair poker in play app it’s time to get used to placing your back and lay bets. When you first log in you can go through a quick tutorial about using the app or alternatively you can watch the video below from our youtube channel.

To get the full exchange view you will need to open settings and go into default settings and turn on “show exchange view”. To place quick bets using chips, which is the easiest way, you will also need to turn on “show chips”. You can now drag the chips to the back or lay of the hand you wish ot bet on.

If you keep your finger held on the chip it will show you how that will effect the profit and loss of the other hands. Once you’ve played a few hands we’re sure you’ll love the Betfair in play poker app.

Poker in play on the appBetfair do also have a dedicated poker iPhone app that offers traditional poker games with other Betfair poker players around the world. The Betfair poker iPhone app has some great features that match playing poker on the move. You have your traditional Texas hold’em layout games as well as Speed games for situations where you are just looking for a quick poker fix to kill a little bit of spare time or to fill up a ten minute break.

The speed games allow you to join a table and play, but the second that you fold, you are booted out of the room and instantly placed into another where the action is just about to get under way. This means no waiting times, just hand after hand until you are ready to leave and crack back on with normal life.

Unfortunately there is no tournament play on offer, but then again tournament style of Poker play is more long winded and not ideal for the mobile setting so the fact that this is missing shouldn’t really put you off.

Texas style of poker is the only type available as well with no Omaha style (or any others for that matter) available. So if you are a varied poker player who likes to mix it up you may want to make sure you have other poker apps on hand to card for other poker game types.

The Betfair Poker app is still relatively new so we are expecting plenty more updates in the future to make this app even better, which may very well include tournaments and different poker styles.

the app still needs a few bugs ironing out as I do normally experience the app freezing or flagging after about one hours usage, but if I have been frozen out mid-game, I find that my account balance always reflects where I left off, meaning that the app freezing never leaves me out of pocket.

There are full account management services built in to the app as well so you can deposit, withdraw and even transfer from your sports betting/casino/games accounts with ease.

Our Verdict

All in all, the whole Betfair experience is a decent one. The mobile betfair poker experience is extensive, but not as extensive as the desktop experience, but still enough to create what you need from a mobile poker platform. If you are looking for a game of poker on your mobile phone or tablet, Sign up today, claim your new customer bonuses and give it a whirl. We certainly weren’t disappointed and we don’t think you will be either!