Betfair Exchange Games App: Back And Lay On Blackjack And Poker

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Betfair exchange games app icon The Betfair exchange games app allows you to place bets on games of blackjack and poker. This is a unique app from Betfair. In simple terms you want the hands being dealt and then place bets on if you think the hand will win. As it is Betfair you can also lay the hand if you think that hand won’t win. I found this to be a unique way to play these games and it was eye-opening looking at the odds on blackjack hands for the first time. 

Exchange Blackjack Review

The first game I looked at on the app was the exchange blackjack. This is a game I really like as you aren’t stuck with the cards you are dealt.

Here you are betting on which hands will beat the dealer. The game is set up like a standard blackjack table and you’ll get back and lay odds alongside each of the hands. There is a maximum of 7 rounds depending on the cards dealt. You have 20 seconds between each round to place your bets.

There are also options to bet on across the hands that you will find across the top.

I found this a really interesting way of playing blackjack. Usually, if you draw a poor hand then you almost know you’ve lost. This allows you to bet on what you perceive as the most likey hand or lay a hand that looks like it will lose.

My advice for using the app is to take your time as a new user, you can sit and watch as many rounds as you like without placing a bet. Take some time to get used to the odds and how it all works, do some bets on paper and see how you get on before getting involved. Gamble responsibly! 

In-Play Poker

This is a unique way to play poker on an app and it’s available on iPhones, iPad and Android. This really is like no other poker app available. This used to run as a standalone app before merging with the games app when more games became available. I initially tested the in-play poker app back in 2014 when it first came out and have enjoyed testing it since. 

This isn’t your traditional poker where you get dealt one hand. Instead, you have four different hands to look at and the game is to bet (or lay) on which hand(s) you think is/are going to win.

On the poker tab, you can bet on any one of four hands of poker winning. With it being Betfair it also works like an exchange meaning you can also lay hands too. We’ve played a lot of games on the Betfair in-play poker app and it’s safe to say we love it. The games are quick and placing your bets could not be easier.

Betfair Poker For Android

If you are on Android, it is a little trickier to install the Betfair in-play poker app. Firstly you will need to register via the link above, then go to and follow the banner to get the link text to you.

You will also need to have your phone available and have the required settings enabled to allow the installation of third-party apps. Alter the setting simply by following these simple steps.

Select the icon labelled ‘Apps’ on the home screen of your Android device > Tap on the option ‘Settings’ > Followed by ‘Security’ > Finally make sure there is a tick beside ‘Unknown Sources.

Betfair In-Play Poker – How To Bets

When you first log in you can go through a quick tutorial about using the app.

To get the full exchange view you will need to open settings and go into default settings and turn on “show exchange view”. To place quick bets using chips, which is the easiest way, you will also need to turn on “show chips”. You can now drag the chips to the back or lay on the hand you wish to bet on.

If you keep your finger held on the chip it will show you how that will affect the profit and loss of the other hands. 

Our Verdict

All in all, the whole Betfair experience is a decent one. The mobile Betfair exchange games experience is extensive, but not as extensive as the desktop experience, but still enough to create what you need from a mobile poker platform. If you are looking for a game of poker on your mobile phone or tablet, Sign up today, claim your new customer bonuses and give it a whirl. We certainly weren’t disappointed and we don’t think you will be either!

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