Kwiff App Review: Will Your Bet Get Kwiffed?

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Kwiff app iconThe Kwiff app is a relatively new betting app that has only been available on iTunes App Store since June 2016 & Google Play since 2017. Although the Kwiff mobile app was only released in 2016, it was a year in the making, and when you download the app, you’ll notice that it has been developed for its simplicity and ease of use.

Kwiff Sports Betting App

Kwiff was founded in June 2015 by two like-minded sports enthusiasts who had many years working within the sports betting industry. As time passed and mobile betting started to change the way punters were placing their bets, they noticed that there was a gap in the market for a betting app that was developed by punters for punters.

Kwiff App Download Guide

How to download the Kwiff app on your mobile – Downloading the app is really easy and only requires a couple of clicks to install. Follow our easy-to-understand download guide below.

  1. Go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play store and search “Kwiff”
  2. Select “Get” the app button.
  3. Then, once it’s finished downloading press “Open”.

How to register and place bets using the sportsbook app – If you are new to Kwiff, you can register to place bets through the app simply by selecting to sign-up and register with them. To do this tap on the button labelled “Sign-Up” highlighted on the image to the right, it’s a quick and easy registration process and takes only a minute of your time.

Kwiff App Review

The Kwiff app was released solely as a football betting platform and during its last update, they have added Tennis into the mix too. We think this shows Kwiff’s intent on adding more sports markets in the future, which will add value and variety to its users.

Bet on football, tennis and more

Main Features

The Kwiff mobile app is simple yet sharp in its appearance, but we feel this makes navigating around the app incredibly easy. The menu is laid out along the bottom of your device’s screen and has only four tabs labelled “Sports”, “My Bets”, “Balance” & “Help”. However, the updated version of the app, allows users to access the quick links tab in the top left-hand corner of the screen, shown in the form of three horizontal bars.

The featured sports (In-Play) – In the quick-links menu (Top Left), the featured option shows you all the football betting and tennis matches that are taking place at that particular time.

Football tab – When you click on the football option in the quick links menu, you will be provided with a dropdown menu with all the leagues and major cup competitions from around the world.

In-Play Stats & statistics – When you click on any of the In-Play matches when using the Kwiff smartphone app and turn it to landscape mode (turn your device on its side), you will see the live stats from that game. This helps you stay up-to-date with the live stats, which can also help you when placing bets In-Play.

Getting Kwiffed!

If you’ve seen any of their adverts or follow them on social media you’ll have seen all about getting Kwiffed. This is a term they use for thier boosted odds, these happen randomly when you place a bet and can be a small tweak – like 4/6 pushed to evens or a massive boost like the one below.

You've been kwiffed! Get the app

This is one example of an extreme boost for one customer betting on Newcastle to draw. Don’t expect this to happen every bet but if you bet regularly with them you will see your bets getting boosted (Kwiffed).

Placing Bets With Kwiff On The Go

Placing bets with the Kwiff app is super easy and very quick, so you’ll never have to worry you’re going to miss a betting opportunity with this smartphone app. All you need to do to view the odds are, on your preferred selection put your finger on the screen and swipe to the left to reveal the odds.

Swiping left – When you swipe to the left you’ll notice that are odds provided are for the end result, so you betting on either for them to win, lose or draw.

Swiping right – If you swipe to the right you’ll find that you are betting on odds that include a number of goals scored in the match. Which could be Over/Under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 goals scored in the game.

Our Conclusion

Even though the Kwiff app only provides betting opportunities within the football and tennis markets, we feel that it’s still worth taking a look at. The plus points with this app have to be its ease of use and its In-Play betting functionality. Go ahead and download it for free from the iTunes App Store from the link below.

Download the Kwiff app for boosted odds and a simple betting platform

Was this page helpful, do you feel like you have more of an understanding of the Kwiff app and what benefits there are to using it? Hopefully, the answer to that question was “Yes” :-). If you have any further questions, you can connect with us on Twitter @Bettingapps.

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