How To Cash Out On The BetVictor App – Step By Step Guide

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BetVictor offer a comprehensive cash out facility across multiple sports, allowing customers to lock in a profit or minimise a loss before the outcomes of the bet have been settled.

This page will guide you through the BetVictor cash out process. We will demonstrate exactly how to cash out on the BetVictor app, How to partially cash out and show the quickest methods of viewing cash out offers.

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How to view cash out offers & Cash out on the BetVictor App

Cash out offers are available across the following sports:

  • Football ⚽️
  • Horse racing 🏇
  • Tennis 🎾
  • Basketball 🏀
  • Badminton 🏸
  • Table tennis 🏓
  • Snooker 🎱
  • Volleyball 🏐

Markets that display the cash out symbol will have the cash out feature available.

Once a bet on an applicable market has been placed, it can be viewed, along with any cash out offers from within the “My Bets” section.

accessing placed and settled bets

Open bets will be displayed by default. Settled bets can also be viewed by switching tabs at the top of the bets.

My bets section of the BetVictor app

Any cash out amounts being offered will show at the bottom of each bet.

BetVictor cash out offer

Tapping on the cash out amount will activate a cash out request. If the confirmation isn’t made within 5 seconds the initial request will be cancelled and the cash out amount updated to reflect what is happening in the event.

If something happens in real time in the event that could/would affect the cash out amount offered between the cash out button being pressed and the confirmation being made, the offer may be suspended and withdrawn.

Therefore, a decisive mind and a quick confirmation is needed once a cash out amount has been deemed worth accepting.

confirming request

Tap again to confirm and the bet will be cashed out for the amount shown.

How to partially cash out on the BetVictor App

BetVictor’s cash out facility also accommodates partial cash out. This means users can take out a percentage of the cash out amount offered and leave the remaining percentage to ride on the result.

Beneath each cash out amount offered will be a horizontal slider. Moving the slider will change the partial amount to be cashed out.

BetVictor partial cash out slider

The stake amount that will be left after the partial cash out and the potential return remaining will also update in real time as the slider is moved.

Once the desired cash out amount has been selected, press on the cash out amount to request it.

confirming partial cash out

Confirmation will once again be required to confirm the request. Tap again to confirm and the partial amount will now be cashed out and showing in the account balance.

Bank My Stake feature

When the cash out amount offered is greater than the stake put down a “Bank my stake” button will appear.

Tapping on this will automatically adjust the partial cash out slider to cash out the amount that has been staked, leaving the remainder of the cash out amount on the original bet.

The cash out amount can then be tapped and tapped again to confirm the action. This will ensure that no loss will be incurred and still a chance to secure a profit.

3D Touch Quick Access To Cash Out Offers

A handy tip for those using the BetVictor iPhone app is to take advantage of the 3D Touch gestures attached to it.

Tapping and holding on the installed BetVictor app logo will present quick navigation options – one of which is direct to the cash out section.

accessing cash outs from 3D touch shortcuts

These shortcuts can be modified by the user to how they see fit. The way to change them can be found by heading to settings on the BetVictor app and then selecting 3D Touch from the Device Options.

The following options are available as 3D Touch shortcuts:

  • Cash Out
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • History
  • Message inbox
  • Open bets
  • In-Play
  • Offers
  • Football
  • Horse racing
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Casino
  • Virtual Sports

Still Struggling With Cash Out?

That pretty much wraps up our guide on BetVictor’s cash out feature. We hope this has helped and feel free to get in touch with us in Twitter if you have any further questions or issues.

Here’s some of the questions we have already been asked 👇


The maximum cash out amount that will be offered by BetVictor is £50,000.

Yes, on all available sports, with the exception of horse racing. There is a time delay when cashing out in-play as there is with every bookmaker to take in to consideration what is happening live in the event in question.

Yes, users will be offered cash outs and can even choose to partially cash out again, should they so wish.

Want To Know More About BetVictor?

BetVictor has a lot more to it than just a cash out facility when it comes to betting. This guide is barely scratching the surface. To get an all round overview of what is available, check out our BetVictor app review.