Bookmaker Loyalty Cards: What Are They And How To Use Them

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We have noticed that loyalty-come-cash cards have become increasingly popular. Here we highlight what prepaid betting cards are and all the best features and functions of some of our favourite cards on the market…

What Are Betting Loyalty Cards?

Loyalty cards are generally pre-paid cards that can be used in branches or cash machines to access money from your betting accounts. We think they are more of a cash card than a loyalty card in most cases. 

Below you’ll find three of our favourite cards, along with their best features and how to get one.

Coral Connect

Coral has been a real trailblazer with their Coral Connect card and they now not only have an excellent betting app (full app review here), but they also have an innovative card with a whole range of features.

The Coral Connect Card - Betting loyalty scheme

Coral Connect Features

Some of the best features offered by the Coral Connect Card include:

Use Your Account Across Desktop, Mobile, and In-Store: With the Connect Card, you can sync your betting account across all betting mediums, meaning you can cash out both online and off. This gives you the opportunity to withdraw your online winnings in cash at a local shop or withdraw to your bank account without the need of walking down to the nearest Coral.

Deposit Cash In The Shop: If you’re wanting to make a cash deposit, there’s no need to deposit it into your bank account and then into your betting account. You can head straight to a Coral shop and deposit your cash onto your Connect Card.

Exclusive Promotions: One of the main benefits of the Coral Connect card is the fantastic promotions you’ll receive for owning one. Terms apply to all offers and these are subject to change. Offers will vary by customer. 

You’ll receive both online and offline bonuses and even a reward for signing up for the scheme.

How To Get A Coral Connect Card

Signing up for a Coral Connect card is relatively simple. First things first though, you need to register for a Coral account.

All you then need to do is head to the Coral Connect page, click Join Now, and follow the registration steps.

Ladbrokes The Grid Card

The Ladbrokes “The Grid” card is very similar to the Coral Connect card. They are both owned by the same company and operate on the same software, so it is hardly a surprise. 

Ladbrokes the grid card

Ladbrokes Grid Card Features

The Ladbrokes Grid Card is free for all Ladbrokes members and has a range of features that include:

Synchronised Deposits & Withdrawals: You can use the same betting account both online and off, with deposits made in-store available to use and withdraw online and vice versa.

Exciting Rewards: There are a number of discounts to be had when playing with the Grid Card, which includes exclusive discounts at pubs, restaurants, cinemas and racecourses up and down the country. Terms and conditions apply, subject to change, check on the site/app for availability and full terms. 

Horse Racing Bonus: If you back a horse with odds of 4/1 or more in a race live on ITV and it wins, Ladbrokes will give you a £25 free bet. Terms and conditions apply, subject to change, check on the site/app for availability and full terms. 

How To Get Ladbrokes Grid Card

If you’re not a Ladbrokes customer the first thing you need to do is create an account. Once you’re signed up you then need to head to The Grid page.

From there it’s as simple as following the instructions to apply for a card.

Paddy Power Plus

Paddy Power always likes to do things a little differently and their Paddy Power Plus card is no exception to that rule.

You can use it across their desktop offering and Paddy Power app and it really is jam-packed with features.

Get the Paddy Power pre paid cash card PPplus

Paddy Power Plus Features

The main difference between the two cards above is that Paddy Power Plus is, in fact, a prepaid MasterCard that you can also use in cash machines to withdraw straight from your account.

Access Funds Anywhere Anytime: Due to the ability to withdraw from cash machines, you can access your funds from any cash machine in the country just by entering your pin. You may be charged for withdrawals at some cash machines. 

Pay For Items In Any Shop: You aren’t limited to using your card to place bets, you can use your account to pay for items, just as you would your bank account.

How To Get Paddy Power Plus Card

Getting a Paddy Power Plus card is incredibly easy. All you have to do is create or sign in to a Paddy Power account, use the menu to access the Plus page and sign up for a card.

You’ll receive your card through the post, with you then having to activate the card. From there, you’re good to go.

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