Price Boosts: What Are They & How To Get The Best Ones

One of the major problems with betting is that you don’t get good odds on the favourites.

There’s no value in betting on Barcelona or Real Madrid, not unless they’re 5-0 down going into a half-time or a second leg anyway. So it’s always a real welcome change when bookmakers offer price boosts on odds right across the sport.

We’re seeing more and more betting apps offering price boosts and enhanced odds these days, so if you’re looking to boost your odds, you really are in luck.

What Are Price Boosts?

Price boosts are relatively easy to understand and are perfect for those looking to make additional profits on favourites to win.

They’re generally offered to new punters to the likes of the William Hill betting app and other major bookmakers and ultimately just boost the odds of markets that are likely to pay out.

This is usually around major events such as the Cheltenham Festival and Grand National, the World Cup and the Champions League.

Bookies price boost bets

For Example:

Let’s say Real Madrid are taking on Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League. Madrid will be heavy favourites for the game, with the odds likely looking something like this:

Real Madrid – 1/16

Draw – 12/1

Vik Plzen – 33/1

With a Price Boost, however, that may change to something crazy like Real Madrid to win now 5/1, with your winnings then being released in free bets.

Types of Price Boost

There are a number of ways in which Price Boosts are offered to customers, varying from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Enhanced Odds

The most common type of price boost is Enhanced Odds, which you’ll find on most betting apps for iPhone and Android.

What they will do is ultimately increase the odds of a particular market, as highlighted in the example above.

They’re widely offered, with some to enjoy almost every week from bookies.


Multiples are also offered by bookmakers with enhanced odds on almost every race day or match day.

On TV games particularly you’ll find these. A Multiple price boost is an offer that will combine a series of markets and then boost their odds.

For Example:

Using the same example as above and a tie between Real Madrid and Viktoria Plzen, multiple Price Boosts will look something like this:

Gareth Bale to score and Real Madrid to win 3-0, 4-0 or 4-1 – Was 3/1, Now 4/1.

Ultimately the price boosts you get will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, however.

Which Bookmakers Offer Price Boosts

Most bookmakers will offer some form of Price Boost, with the likes of the Paddy Power, William Hill and Ladbrokes betting apps particularly popular for taking advantage of these offers.

The Betfred app is another that has special offers when it comes to Price Boosts. Their Double Delight and Hat-Trick Heaven Offers a boost when a player scores two or three goals.

The bookmaker doubles or trebles the odds of a first goalscorer pick should they go on to score two or three.

It’s well worth shopping around for the best Price Boosts as you’ll obviously be able to earn higher odds at some bookmakers compared to others.

Where To Find Price Boosts

We do our absolute best to find you the best Price Boost offers and enhanced odds across all our favourite betting apps.

You can check out our favourite apps for football on our Football Page, where most will regularly offer boosts across the Premier League, Champions League and more.

However, you’ll find Price Boosts across most major sports, all you have to do is head to the particular sport’s odds within a bookmaker’s app and enhanced odds and promotions will usually sit at the very top of the page.

Do Bookmakers Offer Price Boosts Across Different Sports?

Price Boosts aren’t just limited to football and you’ll find them across a wide range of sports, particularly major events such as Grand Slams, big boxing bouts and national and continental finals.

Below you’ll find a full list of sports below, where you’ll regularly receive Price Boosts and Enhanced Odds:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • Horse Racing
  • MLB

And of course many more.

Head over to our top bookmaker apps, select your favourite and earn a Price Boost today!