LGBT+ betting app released in UK

LGBT+ betting app launched in UK

A betting app has been launched in the UK, designed specifically with the  LGBT+ community in mind. The Bet4pride app is available to be enjoyed by everybody. However intentions here are to create a betting app and social experience that the LGBT+ community can feel safe and confident to engage in. Why separate LGBT+ users? … Read more

Bet calculator app

Have you ever struggled to work out how much you will win if your multiple bets come in on your betting app? Let’s introduce you to the Bet calculator app, which has been developed by AceOdds. This app has been developed to help punters work out how much return they will see on their original … Read more

Your Complete Guide To Social Betting Apps

Social betting apps

Sports betting has become a social phenomenon. Every week the pubs and terraces are full of people discussing their weekly accas, while social media is even more awash. Discussing our bets has become part and parcel of how we play, so it makes sense that many of the UK’s top betting apps and bookmakers are … Read more

The racing app

iPhone Betting Tips Apps - The Racing App

As I posted on Twitter recently “one of the best betting apps I’ve ever reviewed” and the more I use this app the more that rings true. The racing app has taken horse racing apps to another level with cutting edge graphics and intelligent software to predict the races. You can see all the days … Read more

Dutching calculator app

If your into dutching your bets it’s always handy to have a calculator app to work out the equal stakes for you. We’ve hunted around to find the easiest dutching calculator app for iPhone, iPad and Android. Both the apps are of course free to download the only annoyance is, you just get the occasional … Read more

FanDuel App

Welcome to our FanDuel app review, throughout the duration of your time on this page, we are going to give you all the information possible about the FanDuel app. Fan Duel has recently been bought out by Paddy Power-Betfair and this review is of the fantasy football app. Fanduel operates mainly in the USA with fantasy … Read more

Kwiff App

Kwiff app logo

The Kwiff app is a relatively new betting app which has only been available on iTunes App Store since June 2016 & Google Play since 2017. Although the Kwiff mobile app was only released in 2016, it was a year in the making, and when you download the app, you’ll notice that it has been … Read more

CrowdScores app

Love football? Always want to know the latest results for that bet you have on the Bundesliga? Never happy unless you know exactly how your fantasy football squad is performing? Then you’re probably going to enjoy the CrowdScores app. The app takes social media and big data and combines the two to deliver the latest … Read more