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As I posted on Twitter recently “one of the best apps I’ve ever reviewed” and the more I use this app the more that rings true. The racing app has taken horse racing apps to another level with cutting-edge graphics and intelligent software to predict the races.

You can see all the day’s races in one easy view, and preview a simulation of the race. All in all, this is a top-draw app, and it’s free, I’d recommend downloading this app to anyone who likes horse racing.

The Racing App Review

Quick Video Guide


At the top of the home page, you’ll find the day’s best bets at the top which are free – always a good start! They have the daily banker, usually, a low odds horse expected to win, a value pick for the day, and each-way pick of the day. It is still advisable to do your own research and not just back these blindly.

Racing app home screen shot

On their website, they claim to have around a 30.3% strike rate, and looking over their tips and results for a couple of days that seems about right. This is where the integrated betting from Coral comes in, just tap the odds and that tip will go straight into your bet basket.

Below the day’s tips, you’ll find all the day’s races broken down by track and each race usually has two or three tips. Again these can just be added to your bet slip with one tap. Another great thing about this app is the speed it runs, there’s no lag at all with the betting and it’s noticeable just how quick it is when you’re navigating around.

Races tab

On the top left, you’ll find the races tab which gives you the running order of the day as well as the results. This includes how their selections got on so it’s easy to see how they’ve done at the end of the day. Pull the menu over from the right, by tapping “today” on the left and you’ll find that you can see yesterday’s results as well as the next 4 days races.

Race card screen shot

Movers tab

This tab is all about the news on the courses and covers things like “positive surface” and “positive distance”. These are where they’ve identified horses that are back on a winning ground of back at a distance they are familiar with winning at. This is a great thing on the Racing app to help you identify horses that could be good value without keeping copious notes on all the horses. It also covers hot trainers and bits of news where trainers or owners have discussed their horses in the press.

Market movers

This is one of my personal favourite features of the app as it’s good to get the inside info on horses and these are not always the horses that the app has picked. If you’re not up on horse racing and are just going to the races for the day it gives you some great info to tell your mates so you look like an expert!!

Race details

Tap into any forthcoming race and you’ll get a full star rating of all the runners, jockeys’ names and colours, trainers, and odds provided by Coral (the same odds as the Coral app or site).

Race card screen shot

Then go to the paddock on the top menu to get even more details about each horse. This includes the following that makes up the horse’s rating.

  • Market
  • Ability
  • Distance
  • Going
  • Trainer Form
  • Form

Underneath that you get a written summary of the horse and the past performances, you can scroll across to go through all the horses in the field. There’s even a simulated image of what the horse will look like with the jockey on in running.


This is still in the races tab but is so good it deserves its own heading! You can preview how the race will finish in the simulation tab and it goes through each horse giving you the key details – this really is an awesome feature! It gives you a visualisation of how they see the race going based on their stats and is well worth checking out.

Select horses based on criteria

In addition to the already awesome tools, the Racing App provides you with, during the last update they added the Cypher option to the tools tab. Cypher is a filtering tool, it enables users of the Racing App to narrow down their searches when looking for a horse to place a bet on.

Here is how it works –

Make your selections from the long list of options, as shown below

Make your selections on the bet finder

Once you have some selections the view matches button will go green. Tap this to see the horses that match your criteria –

Horses selected using my criteria

This is a brilliant tool for both novices and season pros, it’s a massive time saver and provides users with the ability to filter out the good choices from the bad.


If you’ve read our review you’ll appreciate we are big fans of this app but there’s still a little room for improvement.

It would also be good to have a big race preview section in advance for some of the bigger races like the Cheltenham Gold Cup and other feature races.

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