Dutching: Which Calculator App We Recommend

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If you are into dutching your bets it’s always handy to have a calculator app to work out the equal stakes for you. We’ve hunted around to find the easiest dutching calculator app. Both the apps are free to download the only annoyance is, you just get the occasional advert at the bottom appearing at the bottom of your phone.

We have used both the apps below when dutching football bets. 

Dutching Calculator App

Dutching Calculator App - Bet SpreadiPhone App

On iPhone we found the best dutching app to be the “bet spread” app. It was free to download and will calculate the returns on up to 10 results. It won’t show you the result if it is a slight loss though and it doesn’t have any extra options like 2 outcomes to win.

It’s a handy app for quick straight calculations and it’s always accurate. The app has many 5* reviews as whilst it’s not the most visually appealing app it does do what it’s supposed to – calculate dutch odds on multiple results and it’s free so you can really complain.

Click here to download the free Bet spread app

Bet Spread App For iOS

Here are some screenshots of how the app looks –

Bet Spread App

Dutching Calculator Android App

Dutching Calculator Mobile AppThe same bet spread app isn’t available on Android. We found the best app on Google Play to be the “dutching calculator” app. This is available free on the Play Store and is made by convex pixel.

It has had over 1000 downloads and is a better-looking app than the iPhone bet spread app. The screenshots below show the app in action.

Duching Calculator Android App

This app has a couple of extra features compared to the iPhone version. Again you can add up to 10 results and it will show any potential losses (%) if it doesn’t fit for a profit. A big advantage of this app is being able to add in the exchange’s commission to show the true profit.

You can set the stake at the top to whatever you want it to be and this saves for each time you go back into the app. This is the same for the commission settings, with 5% being the Betfair standard.

What is Dutching bets?

As a simple guide dutching best is covering multiple results to get a level return.

If, for example, you picked a team that you think will have both teams to score and the team win then instead of backing the BTTS and win market you could dutch the most likely scores to get an even return  (2-1 & 3-1). See the example below

Dutching Examples

Correct Score

Manchester United v Reading  – Example odds.

MUFC win and BTTS = 3.2

For this example I’ll be covering 2-1 & 3-1 as the most likely scores – these are both available at 13.

I open the ducthing calculator app and add 13 to the top 2 columns, then the stake. In this instance I put £50 on each, £100 total stake, and if this score lands then the return would be £650, a £550 profit or odds of 5.5. Obviously, there are fewer scores covered than the 3.2 bet but this means a better return for a more likely outcome.

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