Both Teams To Score In Both Halves Tips: How To Select Bets In This Tricky Market

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Nobody likes a goalless draw unless you’re a goalkeeper or defender anyway. It’s one of the dourest results in football, in fact, it’s probably the most.

Few of us decide to bet on a 0-0 affair, with most of us looking for the tidy BTTS options instead.

The BTTS is one of the most popular markets on the planet, with both teams scoring in both halves market at another level on that. 

Below you’ll find our ultimate guide to backing BTTS in both halves betting.

What Are Both Teams To Score In Both Halves?

This is a simple market where you are betting on both teams to score in both halves. The minimum score needs to be 1-1 in each half and 2-2 as the final score. 

Where the BTTS bet will only require both teams to have scored after 90 minutes, the BTTS in both halves means both teams need to score in the first 45 minutes and then again in the second 45 minutes.

It’s a tougher market to play than a simple BTTS as it requires a high-scoring game where, usually, one team doesn’t completely dominate. Get it right though and the payouts can be very nice indeed. The popular alternative if you can see a winner is for the both teams to score and win market. This has some good value in certain matches. 

For example, let’s take a fixture between Chelsea and Manchester United.

BTTS Odds: 4/ 5

BTTS in Both Halves Odds: 12/1

As you can see the odds are vastly different with BTTS in both halves having much higher odds. Combine that with a match result bet and that figure will rise even further.

Winning bet example – Check out this monster bet from Joe in Liverpool (Source)

Check out how this Punter wins £37,000 on a BTTS both haves bet

Which Bookmakers Offer BTTS in Both Halves?

Most bookies will offer both teams to score in both halves these days as it’s one of the fastest-growing markets around.

All major bookies will certainly offer it, with it available on the Coral app across a huge number of leagues. They have a dedicated coupon on this market as you can see below –

BTTS both halves coupon on the Coral App

Coral covers games from the major European leagues on the coupon including all 4 main leagues in the UK and the Champions League. We found the prices are usually up around 2 days before midweek matches and 3 days before weekend matches.

This is a really hard market to call so we’d advise keeping your stakes small and seeing this more as a punt than a serious stats-based bet.

Should you ever come across a mobile betting app or bookie that doesn’t offer it, you’ll usually find a Request-a-Bet service that will help you out.

When To Play BTTS in Both Halves

Of course, knowing when to play a BTTS in both halves bet is the most important thing of all.

There’s no point in placing the wager on a fixture that has seen the two teams not score more than two for weeks, for example.

We’re experts at the market here, having played BTTS in both halves via our top-rated football betting app – Betfred for some time now. Below you’ll find our very top tips for knowing when to play the market…

A One-Off Game

Knockout games are always more likely to see goals, particularly between teams that are on a little more of a level pegging. You can find some good matches in the cup competitions when the bigger teams field weaker line ups making for a more level match.

They’ll have to throw caution to the wind in order to get to the next round and most likely want to get off to a good start, particularly if both sides are traditionally attacking.

Poor Defence, Quality Attack

Reviewing the teams before you place your BTTS in both halves is a must. One thing to look out for is looking out for high-scoring teams with a leaky defence.

If two teams are facing off with those traits, then you’re almost guaranteed goals. Check out this one from the Champions League where Firmino landed the BTTS both halves in injury time –

See how Bobby Firmino lands a Both teams to score both halves bet with a goal in the 93rd minute

The Managers

Knowing the managers, what they do and how they play is always worth analysing as they have a habit of playing in a certain way against particular teams.

For example, a side may play more cautiously when away from home or against a top-six side. Alternatively, a side may set up more attacking in local derbies. Each manager will have particular tactics for particular fixtures. Understand these as they’ll undoubtedly help you in the BTTS markets.

Injuries & Suspensions

It probably goes without saying that you check injuries and suspensions before placing a bet of this nature. If a star striker is out, the chance of goals lessens. Equally, if a key defender isn’t playing, it boosts your chances of winning a BTTS in Both Halves bet.


BTTS is an abbreviation for both teams to score. It is a bet you are placing on both teams scoring in 90 minutes of a football match, extra time does not apply. 

The most common alternative to BTTS would be the overs goals market. Another popular market would be to use the correct score market for a dutch bet

BTTS both halves means that both teams will score in both halves. Each team needs to score at least 1 goal in both halves. The minimum score for this to happen would be a 2-2 draw that was 1-1 at halftime. 

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