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Welcome to our corner betting tips post. Here at, we’re always looking for the best value bets based on stats for the season so far. We’ve found the corner betting markets offer the kind of value we are looking for.

Today's Corner Betting tips

Latest corner stats and predictions

30th April: Newcastle v Liverpool 12:30pm


Newcastle Corner Stats

  • Played 34
  • Corners for 4.24
  • Corners Against 4.71
  • Over 8.5 corners 59%
  • Over 9.5 corners 47%
  • Over 10.5 corners 29%

Liverpool Corner Stats

  • Played 33
  • Corners for 7.52
  • Corners Against 3.21
  • Over 8.5 corners 76%
  • Over 9.5 corners 70%
  • Over 10.5 corners 58%

Prediction = Each Team To Have Over One Corner In Each Half – 9/2*

This bet falls  within the remit of each team’s averages. Newcastle have been creating some dangerous attacks agains their opponents recently and Liverpool have also given away some good chances. 

Therefore, I am expecting Newcastle to just about manage to hit at least two corners in each half. With the dominance of possession that Liverpool have been achieving recently and the pressure they have been applying on their opponents, I am confident they will be surpassing two corners in each half by some margin.


*18+ Play safe. Odds were correct at time of publishing and are subject to change.

Our Top Rated App For Corner Betting

William Hill app

Here’s what we found when looking at corner betting with William Hill

  • The corner prices were posted well in advance of the matches.
  • They covered lots of leagues and had a wide range of markets.
  • They have a wide range of corner markets included in their bet builder. 

Corner Betting Apps

All bookies offer corner betting on most major games but some are, in our opinion, better than others. These bookies follow a similar look to our football betting apps as corner betting is one of the criteria that we looked at. Here are some good options from the UK’s biggest companies. 

Bet Victor App

BetVictor app logo

Bet Victor has a huge range of betting markets for corners and you can also bet on them in their #PriceItUp offer. This feature also allows you to make multiple corner bets on the same game from markets like half corners and team corners.

You can find all the markets on the app, mobile site or desktop site – they all have the same markets at the same time.

How to place a multiple bet on the same game corners on Bet Victor's Bet Builder

  1. Head to Betvictor and select the game you want to bet on. To the far right of the fixture will be a number, representing the amount of markets available for that particular game. Tapping on this number will open up the markets to enter markets on BetVictor app
  2. Then hit the Bet Builder tab for that game, as shown below and then hit “let’s try it”Access to BetVictor Bet Builder
  3. Scroll down to find cornersCorner betting on the BetVictor Bet Builder
  4. Add your selections, use + Add Another Selection to build more options into your bet.adding corner selections using a bet builder
  5. Once you’re happy with the selections and the price offered, tap on the odds displayed and the bet will go to your bet slip for you to place.completing a corner bet on bet builder

Available options

  1. Total match corners – Over/under 0.5 – 20.5*
  2. Team Corners – Over/ under 0-5 – 20.5*
  3. Both team corners – Over/ under 0.5 – 20.5*

You may not always get  price for every option, for example both teams over 20.5 corners, or Manchester City over 0.5 team corners.

Users are able to bet against corners in the first half, second half, both halves or over 90 minutes. There is also the option to bet on the exact amount of corners, as well as the under/over options.

Bet365 App - Corner Betting

bet365 app logo

It’s no surprise to see the bet365 app in our top-rated app for corners guide as they are one of the market leaders in betting around the world.

It’s no surprise to see the bet365 app in our top-rated app for corners guide as they are one of the market leaders in betting around the world.

When we were reviewing the bet365 app we found 16 different markets were available to bet on corners for Premier League and Champions League games. On some occasions, we had to wait for the same day for the full range of markets to show up.

Some markets that we saw on offer –

  • Total Corners bets
  • Asian Corner bets
  • Alternative corners
  • 2-way corners
  • Half corner betting
  • Team corners
  • Corner match bets
  • Time of corner bets
  • First corner bets
  • Total match corners

In testing, we also found that we were able to get corner notifications on the main game, which as far as we are aware no other apps offer. This means if you can’t watch the game then you don’t have to sit updating stats websites to see how many corners there have been. We found this in the notifications setting of the iPhone app. Bet365 have scored highly in our testing for best iPhone apps and best android apps. In our opinion, bet365 is a great company to bet with.

Corner Betting Guide

Here’s our full guide to every market that is on offer for corner betting.

Standard corner bet

The most common bet on corners. Pick Over, Exactly or Under for the set corner line. The bookmaker will set the corner line and this will vary game by game.

Total corners 

Usually, in 4 or 5 set groups, odds and groups will vary game to game based on who’s playing and their stats.

Example groupings and odds

Total Corner betting markets and example of odds and groupings

Alternative corners 

If you don’t want to take the bookies set corner level then head to the alternative corner markets section. Here you’ll find the full range of over, under and exact corners for a game. If you’ve ever wondered “Can you bet on the exact corners in a football match” then this is where you can!

2 – way corners

The standard bet is for under – exact & over predictions. In 2-way betting, it is just for under or over with the line set at a .5 – just like goal betting. Usually, you’ll find it around 8.5-12.5 in the Premier League, higher in the Bundesliga and lower in Champions League knock out stages (Depending on who’s playing).

1st & 2nd half bets

These work the exactly the same as the standard bet but they are settled on the specific half and not the whole game. These do include any corners in injury time but do not include any extra time corners.

Match bets

This is one of my favourite markets for corners, but you may be wondering – what is a corner match bet? Simply put it’s a match between 2 teams based only on corners.

Timed Corner Bets

Corner betting and time

As well as all the other markets, you have a few options for betting on the time of corners.

Time of the first corner

This is a market I like, the time is set based on the game and is usually the first 8-15 minutes depending on how attacking the teams are. You can pick some decent winners up by targeting teams who start matches strongly or when teams have a point to prove. Look for rivalries and derbies – games which usually start in an aggressive manner.

First 10 minutes

If you don’t like the time option mentioned above there is a static market where you can get a standard first 10-minute bet.

First Minute

For me, this is much more of a punt, hardly one for a stats-based bet. Odds of around 14/1 for a first-minute corner look short in my opinion.

Asian Corner Betting Explained

Asian corner betting guide

This is a slightly different way of betting in the corners market. The subtle difference is that betting in this market could result in a refund. For example, you bet on there being a total of over 10 corners in a game and there are 9 you would lose your stake having lost the bet. 11 or more corners you win the bet. If there are a total of exactly 10 corners then you get refunded your stake.

Other markets are available too. A good example is the option to split your stake.  Let’s take our example to bet on over 10 corners in a game. The bet can be modified slightly to betting on over 10, 10.5 corners. Note the comma. The bet is now split. Half the stake on over 10 corners and a half on over 10.5. Exactly 10 corners in the game would see half your stake refunded and half lost. Under 10 corners and the bet would lose.  If there are 11 or more corners your bet would win.

Markets explained

Asian total corners

This is a simple win or lose option, no tie, exactly the same as over/ under goals.

1st half Asian corners

This is the same as the total corners above but covers just the first half corners. In our opinion, this is a great market for value in corner betting.

Asian handicap corners

This is a set market where there are 2 options so it is a simple win or lose bet. This varies from the standard corner markets which have 3 outcomes.

Corners handicap betting

Another option and again slightly different. You are betting on which team you think will win the most corners. This bet takes into account a plus or minus handicap. The team with the minus handicap has to overcome that number of corners in order to win the bet.

This is the same as handicap betting in the usual 1×2 market.

corner handicap example

Liverpool v West Ham

Corner handicap set at Liverpool -3

The corner match starts with Liverpool -3 v West Ham 0.

If it ends Liverpool 9 corners, West Ham 6 corners both bets would lose (if none Asian) as this would effectively be a 9 v 9 corners draw.

Liverpool will need at least 4 or more corners than West Ham in the game If you bet on Liverpool -3 corners to win.

If you bet on West Ham +3 corners would need Bournemouth to be within 2 corners of Liverpool at the full-time whistle.

How to bet on corners markets

football-corner-predictionsBetting on corners couldn’t really be any easier and can provide a nice alternative to your football betting.

Placing your corners bet/ couldn’t be simpler click on the game that you wish to bet on, each game has a corners menu. If you want to use the Asian Corners betting format, simply click on the Asian Corners menu header and select your match. Selecting multiple matches builds your accumulator in the in-app betting slip (the website has a similar configuration).


What is the biggest ever winning bet on corners?

This one is hard to know but we’ve found this bet from Bet Victor that includes corners and won at 1,7042/1 which is phenomenal. This also won the World Cup promotion of the million-pound bet meaning a total return of £1,017,042 from a £1 bet.

Biggest ever winning corner bet - 1700+ to 1

The reason the odds are so high is they predicted the exact number of corners for each team, the correct score as well as Uruguay not to get a card in 90 minutes. Amazing bet!

What’s the best site or app for corner stats?

This really depends on what stats exactly you are after. We’ve listed a few below which are a good place to start.

Stats Zone corner betting stats on iPhone and iPad

Stats Zone

Backed by Opta this isn’t just an app for corner stats in play, it has absolutely everything a football fan could dream of! You get incredible match views and charts and real insight into the games. Great for corners, overall it’s an in play betting fans dream app! Download here.

Premier league app shows the total corners for each team.

Premier League app

If you’re just after stats for the Premier League then the official app has some data including the total corners taken this season. It’s handy to see if there is a big difference in the teams but not if you’re looking for a view of more recent corner form.

Other than that the better stats are on mobile sites rather than dedicated apps. Sites like have a good level of depth in their stats and you can filter options for recent form and leagues.

Got a question about corner betting we’ve not covered? Then send us a tweet to @bettingapps and we’ll find you the answer. 

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