Corner betting tips

Here at we’re always looking for the best value bets based on stats for the season so far. We’ve found the corners betting markets offer the kind of value we are looking for. By targeting a less popular market you get more value and a better option of the top bookies for this market. Scroll down for a wide range of corner betting ideas and options.

Asian corner betting

This is a slightly different way of betting in the corners market. The subtle difference is that betting in this market could result in a refunds. For example, you bet on there being a total of over 10 corners in a game and there are 9 you would lose your stake having lost the bet. 11 or more corners you win the bet. If there are a total of exactly 10 corners then you get refunded your stake.

Other markets are available too. A good example is the option to split your stake.  Let’s take our example to bet on over 10 corners in a game. The bet can be modified slightly to betting on over 10, 10.5 corners. Note the comma. The bet is now split. Half the stake on over 10 corners and half on over 10.5. Exactly 10 corners in the game would see half your stake refunded and half lost. Under 10 corners and the bet would lose.  If there are 11 or more corners your bet would win.

Corners handicap betting

Another option and again slightly different. You are betting on which team you think will win the most corners. This bet takes into account a plus or minus handicap. The team with the minus handicap has to overcome that number of corners in order to win the bet.

Asian handicap corners handicap betting

As above, the Asian handicap offers the refund option should the handicap bet result in an equal amount of corners being won by both teams.

How to bet on corners markets

football-corner-predictionsBetting on corners couldn’t really be any easier and can provide a nice alternative to your football betting.

Placing your corners bet/ couldn’t be simpler click on the game that you wish to bet on, each game has a corners menu. If you want to use the Asian Corners betting format, simply click on the Asian Corners menu header and select your match. Selecting multiple matches builds your accumulator in the in app betting slip (the website has a similar configuration).

Standard markets

  1. Race to corners (First team to get the chosen number of corners)
  2. First or last corner and multi corners markets

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