How Does Betfair Acca Edge Work?

If you use the Betfair sports book app and actively place accumulators, you will have come across Betfair Acca Edge.

It’s Betfair’s answer to accumulator insurance. Simply put if you agree to take lower overall odds on your bet you’ll get your stake back if the bet loses by one leg.

In my opinion, Betfair's Acca Edge is a market-leading product that will suit bettors who like to play large accumulators. It is the best example of innovative accumulator insurance I have seen. Read on for my guide on how it works and how to get the best out of it.

Betfair Acca Insurance – Acca Edge

Here is our full guide on how it works and how to use it. We have been reviewing the Betfair app for many years and this is one of our favourite features when using the app. 

How Does Betfair Acca Edge Work?

It is a very simple idea – if you take lower odds on your bet winning you can get your stake back if one leg lets you down.

Betfair is one of only a handful of companies that still offer accumulator insurance as others have withdrawn theirs. What we like most about Betfair is you can get lower odds for taking it – so if you don’t want it you get the full price. Some other apps have built it into all bets over certain odds and sizes but it is factored into the odds for everyone even if you don’t want it. 

Betfair Acca Edge - Acca Insurance From Betfair

Acca Edge Rules – How To Play

How it works is very simple to understand – Firstly you’ll need to make your selections for the bet, you must include three or more teams. These need to be placed on the sportsbook side of Betfair and not the exchange. It is only available on selected markets and it’s at Betfair’s discretion what these are and when they change.

Once you have made your selections go to your bet slip which can be found at the top right of the app. When you go to place your bet you will notice at the bottom of your selections there is a section that says Betfair Acca Edge.Acca edge example of football bets

When you look closely if you were to apply the acca insurance to your bet, you’ll see that the odds are slightly reduced when compared to the original odds. This is where you need to work out if it is worthwhile for your bet.

Once you tap “apply Acca Edge” you will see the odds change in your betslip to the ones shown.

Acca edge applied to bet

In our opinion, if you have 1 team that you think may let the bet down it may be better to just take that team out and get slightly better odds (potentially). The more selections you add the less drastic the odds changes are.

Example odds

Here are some examples of the odds changes as we build more selections. These do vary depending on the odds you are backing.

  • 3 selections – 9.82 or 6.29 with edge
  • 4 selections – 13.74 or 9.82 with edge
  • 5 selections – 19.24 or 14.92 with edge
  • 6 selections – 31.08 or 26.14 with edge
  • 7 selections – 76.16 or 69.77 with edge
  • 8 selections – 218.95 or 210.67 with edge

As you can see the changes seem less the more you add. 

However, what you have to take into account is, if one team lets you down you get your money back as CASH.

This is a really important thing as most acca insurance offers to pay you back in free bets, then if you use a free bet you don’t get the acca insurance again. Betfair is the only betting app where you get the stake back as cash for this type of offer.

You might take a hit on the initial odds, but at least you know you’ll still get your stake back. You can re-bet your stake or withdraw it as it’s classed as cash in your account.

Although we have used football as an example here, you can apply Acca Edge to any accumulator bet as long as you have made three or more selections. We found the following sports were available when writing this review*

  1. Football bets, from a range of markets, not just the 1X2.
  2. Tennis betting markets
  3. Horse racing bets (not each way – see below)

Betfair Horse Racing – Each Way Edge

As mentioned above the standard Acca edge does not apply to each-way bets, but there is another option for racing fans – Each Way Edge.

How each way edge works –

  1. Select your horse and then head to the bet slip where it will display a logo if each way edge is available.
  2. Tick each way box and use the + or – symbols to change the number of places (There are maximum and minimum limits in place depending on the size of the field)
  3. Once you’re happy with the odds then hit place bet.


We’re looking at Forza Milan who is 22/1 to win this race. You’ll see below the current market is set to 3 places at 1/5 odds.

Betfair acca edge step 1

We can now use the plus and minus symbols to change the places and the odds. Here we go down to playing just 2 places and the win odds move up to 33/1 – which is great if you think the horse is going to win or be very close.

Each way acca edge with 2 places

Now we move it to the maximum of 5 places and the odds drop considerably to 17/2. This is because there’s more chance of getting a win. This means if the horse does go on to win we’d get a much smaller return but more of a return on the places. In this example, if it placed and we’d had £5 each way we’d have made a £3.50 profit – which is hardly worth the risk.

It’s always worth checking bets in a bet calculator app to make sure you are happy with the risk v return.

Our Conclusion

If you are looking for a betting app that provides Acca insurance to its customers Betfair comes highly recommended. Give the Betfair Acca Edge a try today and let’s get rid of the one team letting you down blues.

Acca Edge FAQs

Acca edge is accumulator insurance from Betfair. It means you get your money back if one of your legs loses, to apply this you have to take lower odds if the whole bet wins.