Correct Score Betting versus FT Result & BTTS Combination Bets

There are so many different variations of betting these days it can be a little difficult to put your finger on which is the best to play.

We have to take into account plenty when placing our bets, particularly when we’re thinking about the winner and goals.

Two markets that have huge similarities but intricate differences is in Correct Score betting and FT Result and Both Teams to Score markets.

With plenty of football to come across the 2018/19 season we take a look at both markets and when are the best times to play them…

What are Correct Score Betting & FT Result & BTTS Bets?

Firstly, we’ll start with what the bets actually are. Both markets require you to bet on the same outcomes but are won in different ways.

The winner of the game and the number of goals scored both need to be predicted in this market, although one Correct Score betting is much harder to predict.

Below you’ll find definitions of both markets and how to play them…

Correct Score Betting

Correct Score betting is a wager in which you need to pick the winner of the match and the scoreline it will be.

In order to win you must get both aspects of this bet correct.


So for example you might want to place a bet on a match between Leicester City and Manchester City.

The bookmaker you wish to place a bet with, in this case let’s say the Paddy Power iPhone app, will give you a series of odds for all different outcomes ranging from a 1-0 home win to 5-0 away and plenty of draws in between.

You may wish to place a bet on Manchester City to win 3-1 for which you’d get odds of around 17/2.

In order to win, Manchester City would have to win by that exact scoreline in 90 minutes. Should they win 3-0, or by any other score, you would lose the bet.

FT Result & BTTS

Similarly, with the FT & BTTS market you have to predict the winner of the match and goals, although in this market you won’t need to choose an exact number of goals and they’ll team that will score them.

All you’re betting on with this wager is that both teams will score in the game along with the winner of the match, meaning your winner can win by any scoreline from 2-1 and above.

Again, in order to win both parts of the bet need to win for you to see a return. So if the team you bet on won to nil, your bet would lose.


Taking the same fixture as above, you might want to place a bet on Manchester City to win with both themselves and Leicester finding the net in 90 minutes.

Your mobile betting site would likely offer odds of around 7/4 to win on this. As you can see, these odds are much shorter than Correct Score, this is due to the market being deemed easier to play. After all, you’re not having to predict the score correctly, simply the winner and goals to go in both ends.

Should I Play Correct Score or FT Result & BTTS Markets?

Both markets very much have reasons to play them and either way you’ll receive better odds than a simple FT Result market.

FT Result & BTTS is undoubtedly an easier outcome to predict than Correct Score, but the latter will welcome a bigger payout.

It’s all about knowing the market and knowing the teams playing.

In general, you’ll win more playing FT Result & BTTS, but when you do win with correct score you’ll get a much larger prize pot. It really is that simple.

Tips For Choosing Which Market To Play

We’d recommend analysing any game you wish to bet on and there are many tips and tricks you can use to try and get ahead of the game.

Analyse Recent Form

Analysing the recent form of teams, players and defenders is always advisable as not only will it be a good indicator of how a result will go, it’ll be very telling of a way a fixture will play out.

For example, if a team is losing regularly it might be an indicator that they will try and hold on and catch their opposition on the break rather than go out from the off.

Equally, if a striker is in fine form and is scoring regularly, the chances are they’ll find the back of the net again.

When doing this research also note any injuries and suspensions the teams have and how they may affect the outcome of a game.

Predicted Goals

Talking further about goals the Predicted Goals formula is a great way of helping you decide the winner of a match, whether both teams will score and indeed the correct score.

The statistics, provided by Opta give you a number, usually in decimal form, of how many goals a team will score in a particular fixture. This is based upon a huge number of factors which are incredibly in-depth.

Context of the Game

The context of the game is always important in deciding the number of goals. The first leg of a Champions League game is prime example. Many teams will be very defensive playing away from home, in a bid to win the away leg and get through. This may suggest a lack of goals in the game.

Relegation dogfights always see more goals than standard mid-table clashes. You really can learn a lot from what’s riding on a game.

Where Can I Place Bets in These Markets?

Most iPhone and Android betting apps have both markets available to play and it’s well worth shopping around to see where you can find the best value.

All the major players such as the bet365 app, BetVictor app, and the William Hill App will offer both, while many will also offer fantastic welcome bonuses and free bets you can get kick started with.

Both are fantastic markets to play and boost your odds from the Match Result market, it’s just whether you think the reward is worth the risk. We’ll let you decide.