How To Cash Out On The Paddy Power App – Full Guide Including Partial Cash Out!

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The Paddy Power app has a great cash out feature attached to it. Customers can choose to cash out all or a percentage of their bet before the outcome has been settled.

This post will go through the whole cash out process, including checking cash out amounts, cashing out and partially cashing out with Paddy Power.

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How To Check Cash Out Amounts On The Paddy Power app

Once a bet has been placed on the Paddy Power app, it will sit within the “MyBets” section in the bottom menu. This menu bar remains there across all pages, so is always accessible.

MyBets icon

When entering the MyBets area, users will automatically be taken to the open bets area. This is where cash out amounts can be located. Open bets will appear in a scrollable list (depending on the amount of selections/bets). Any cash outs offered on the open bets will appear at the bottom of the corresponding bet.

How to view open bets with Paddy Power

How To Cash Out On The Paddy Power App

If a cash out amount is wanted to be taken, by default a simple tap on the amount being offered will cash out the bet for the amount shown.

cashing out on the Paddy Power app

It is advised, if the user has wandering thumbs, to switch on the “confirm before cash out” option. Without this switched on any tap on a cash out option, accidental or not, will cash out the bet straight away. Switching this option on will cause a confirmation step to pop up.

However, we have had instances where a cash out offer has been suspended between when the cash out button was pressed and then the second press to confirm the cash out. This then prevents the cash out from being accepted.

Therefore we prefer to keep the “confirm before cash out” option switched off, but this is completely down to personal preference.

switching off cash out confirmation step

How To Use Partial Cash Out On The Paddy Power App

Paddy Power customers can cash out a portion of their bet, leaving a portion to still ride on the end result.

We will demonstrate this using a staked bet of £5, with odds of evens. The cash out being offered is £5 but confidence has been lost in the selection by the user. Therefore, he is looking to take 50% of the cash out and leave the other 50% to ride.

Paddy Power bet

To achieve this the slider icon next to the cash out amount will need to be tapped.

partial cash out icon

A slider will now appear underneath the cash out value. The slider can be moved by tapping and holding on the large dot at the right and then sliding left or right.

partial cash out slider

As the slider moves the remaining stake and potential returns will update to reflect the relevant amounts. Once the correct amount has been selected, the cash out button can be tapped to complete the partial cash out request.

Paddy Power partial cash out

screenshots on this page have been taken from an iPhone using up-to-date iOS software. However, the process remains very similar across all desktop and mobile devices. The only thing that may differ slightly is the location of the icons. 

That pretty much wraps up the cash out features contained within the Paddy Power app. WE find the cash out system to be one of the most flexible on the market when it comes to online gambling.

Still Struggling With Cash Out?

Feel free to also get in touch with @bettingapps on Twitter, where we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have surrounding cash out or any other gambling related feature. 


Yes, although it depends on the markets selected in the bet builder. If the bet builder includes a market that does not have cash out applied to it, a cash out may well not be offered.

There are many reasons why a bet may not have a cash out offered  at a given time. There could be something going on in the event (eg a penalty in football) that suspends all cash outs on it until the incident is over. It could be that the market does not have a cash out offered, or that Paddy Power are unable to determine what is happening in the event.

Paddy Power are not obliged to offer a cash out amount and are well within their rights to remove a cash out offer at any time.

Yes, although at a reduced amount. The cash out offered will be the usual cash out amount minus the free bet amount to keep things equal.

For example if a bet placed with £5 had a cash out amount of £10, the same bet placed with a £5 free bet would have a cash out amount of £5.