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Sometimes the match result market can be a little lower odds than we’d like, so how can we boost the odds with some more research? 

With combination betting, we can add to the market to get better odds, with the match result and over/under market proving a popular option.

Below you’ll find our complete guide to the match result and over/under market, including what it is and where to play it.

What Is Match Result and Over/Under Betting?

Match result and over or under betting market, is a double bet on a team to win the match and the number of goals to over/under the set line.

The most popular market for this is football betting with the match result and over 2.5 goals. You can usually find a 1.5 goals and 3.5 goals line too on this market. You can add these to multiple bet options and accumulators.

For obvious reasons, you will not find a match result and over 0.5 goals bet! 

Whilst the over’s market is more popular you can also bet on the under-goal market too. It is worth checking the odds though as “X team to win and under 2.5 goals” is a very similar bet to X team to win to nil.

The match result and goals market is always a tempting option with higher odds. It is a market that needs some research before betting, there is no guarantee that there will be goals just because of a team's name! Take some time to look at the defensive and scoring form of both teams before placing your best - Always gamble responsibly.

Match Result & Goals Betting Example *

If you were to place a bet on a fixture between Chelsea and Manchester United, the match result market may look something like this*.

  • Chelsea – 7/10
  • Draw – 27/10
  • Manchester United – 4/1

As you can see the odds for Chelsea to win aren’t particularly appealing, so you may wish to add an over/under market. This does increase the risk factors of this bet, meaning you are less likely to win so please make sure you are comfortable with the extra risk. 

Here is how the markets would look*

  • Chelsea and Over 1.5 Goals – 11/10
  • Manchester United and Over 1.5 Goals – 11/2
  • Draw and Over 1.5 Goals – 19/5
  • Chelsea and Under 1.5 Goals – 6/1 (The same as Chelsea to win 1-0)
  • Manchester United and Under 1.5 Goals – 14/1 (The same as United to win 1-0)
  • Draw and Under 1.5 Goals – 11/1 (The same as a 0-0 bet)

As you can see the odds have significantly improved, as they would if you chose the Over/Under 2.5 Goals or beyond.

*Example odds only and not live odds for this fixture. 

Other Over/Under Markets

The most popular market of match results and over/under is undoubtedly goals. There is a range of other markets you’ll find on many betting apps to combine with a match result bet.

They all work in the same way, and will significantly boost a match result bet. Other markets to add include…

  • Corners
  • Bookings/Booking Points
  • Throw Ins

If you can’t find them within your betting app, many bookmakers now have request-a-bet service where you will be able to ask for odds.

Which Bookmakers Offer Match Result & Over/Under?

Almost every bookie in the UK offers the match result and over/under these days. It’s a staple of football betting so you’ll find it on major players such as Paddy Power, William Hill and Coral.

Some have the result and over 2.5 goals as a coupon. Others you will need to tap into the individual match to find the odds, they are usually within the top 10 in the “popular markets” tab.

We found the highest market on the Betvictor app – For major leagues, they go as high as under/ over 6.5 goals – 

Betvictor goes the highest!

Can I Bet On Match Result & Over/Under In Various Sports?

It isn’t just football where you can play the match result and over/under market. In fact, it lends itself to almost any sport in one way or another.

You’ll find the match result and over/under odds in the following sports…

  • Rugby League – Result and score over/ under
  • Rugby Union – Result and score over/ under
  • Horse Racing – Horse to win and over x lengths
  • Cricket – Match winner and over/ under total runs
  • Basketball – Match result and over/ under match points
  • NFL – Match result and over/ under 
  • Boxing – Match result and over/ under rounds 

Please get in touch if you have any questions about this market via Twitter @bettingapps. We are always on hand to answer any queries you may have.  


Match results and over 2.5 goals are betting on a team to win, or a draw and there being over 2.5 goals in the match (90 minutes only, extra time does not count). 

Yes, if you bet on the match result and under 2.5 goals you are betting on the score being 1-0 or 2-0. Our advice is to check the odds on those 2 scores to make sure that the market is offering the same value. 

Yes, this is exactly the same as betting on 0-0, the odds will be identical for both markets.