Ladbrokes Get A Price: What You Need To Know

We’re all pretty unique when it comes to betting. We all have certain ideas about which way a game will go, or who we expect to play a particular part within a fixture. So it only makes sense we should be able to request the exact bet we wish to make.

Ladbrokes are now putting that power into your hands via the fantastic medium of Twitter.

All you have to do is send them a Tweet and you could win an incredible jackpot all from your own doing.

It’s time to Get A Price with Ladbrokes, the ultimate way to tailor your betting experience.

Our Ladbrokes get a price guide

What Is Ladbrokes’ Get A Price?

Ladbrokes’ Get A Price is essentially a way for you to steer the betting market in a way that suits you. If there are odds you’d like but can’t see via the Ladbrokes mobile betting app or desktop site, you can use the Get A Price service to get the odds you want.

All you have to do is Tweet @Ladbrokes using the #GetAPrice hashtag, along with the bet you’d like to make and they’ll get back to you with the odds.

Your reply will come with a unique link to the market you wish to play on. All you then have to do is place your bets.

You can generally get a price on any major sport happening within a day, just send them a Tweet and they’ll get back to you if it’s possible.

How Do I Get A Price?

It’s so simple to Get A Price with Ladbrokes, all you need is a Twitter account and a Ladbrokes betting account.

Simply follow these steps and you’ll be playing your own personalised bet in absolutely no time…

  1. Log in to your Ladbrokes betting account
  2. Tweet @Ladbrokes with your wager, not forgetting to use the #GetAPrice hashtag
  3. Wait for the bookie to get back to you with your odds
  4. Click the link, place the bet and wait to see if you’re a winner!

One thing to note however is that during major fixtures the service will see an influx of requests, meaning delays can be possible. Ensure you request your bets in plenty of time to place them before the event begins.

What Sports Can I Get A Price With?

Ladbrokes offer a wide range of sports to bet on, and for the most part, you can also Get A Price on them too.

They’re most popular in football and horse racing betting, however, you can also request a bet on cricket, rugby, snooker and much, much more. In fact, you can also request odds on the outcome of multiple sports in one single bet.

Ladbrokes will have you covered no matter what. Below you’ll find a list of sports most common with the brand’s Get A Price service…

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Cricket
  • Snooker
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • NFL
  • Golf
  • NBA
  • Ice Hockey
  • Formula 1

Things To Note About Get A Price

There are a number of things that you should be aware of with Get A Price, just as you would be when you place a bet normally.

Aspects that should be highlighted include:

  • If a player in your request-a-bet doesn’t play, your bet will become void
  • If a game or fixture is postponed within your bet, the bet will be voided
  • Extra time and penalty shootouts in football bets do not count
  • If a named trainer or jockey doesn’t feature in at least one race when betting on horse racing, the bet will be void
  • If three or more races are abandoned in a wager, the bet will be voided

Can I Use A Free Bet With Get A Price?

Once you’ve received your price for a requested bet you can play it however you wish. It ultimately becomes a set of odds exactly the same as you’d already find on the Ladbrokes site.

This means that you can play our fantastic Ladbrokes free bets and welcome bonuses featured on our mobile betting bonus page.

We pride ourselves on bringing you the very best promotions across all bookmakers so you’ll never be short of a promotion or two to use with Ladbrokes.

Do Other Bookmakers Offer This Service?

You’ll find a number of bookies now offer betting request services via Twitter, including the likes of William Hill, Paddy Power and Coral.

All you have to do is Tweet them with their specific request-a-bet hashtag and you’ll be able to compare odds across bookmakers to find the best deal for you.