Your Complete Guide to Betting On Booking Points

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You really can bet on anything these days when it comes to the beautiful game.

Yes, you can back goals, results and goalscorers, but you can also add value to your wagers with a number of more niche markets.

Betting on Booking Points is certainly one of those. You can add some real value to wagers with this, while it’s a profitable market just on its own.

For newcomers though it can be a complex and rather daunting market.

Below you’ll find all you need to know about Booking Points betting including what they are, how you play it and where to find the best offers.

What Is Betting On Booking Points?

For every booking given in a fixture, points will be given by the bookmaker. This varies on the booking given, with points being given as follows:

Yellow Card – 10 Points

Red Card – 25 Points

Two Yellow Cards and a Red – 35 Points

Betting on Booking Points is essentially backing the correct number of points that will be scored by both teams combined in a game. This will usually come in Over/Under format.

So How do booking points work?

For Example:

Let’s say you were using the Paddy Power app to play the Booking Points market.

The odds will look a little something like this:

Under 30 Points – 15/8

Exactly 30 Points – 7/2

Over 30 Points – 5/ 6

This may also be offered as number ranges, for example, 0-20 Points, 20-30 Points etc.

Exactly as it looks the points are totted up and at the end of the match, the score is set. If you picked the correct option your bet will win. Card given after the full-time whistle does not count.

Where Can I Bet On Booking Points?

You can bet on this market with almost every major betting company in the UK.

These are the main bookmakers and all offer this market –

  • bet365
  • Bet Fred
  • Coral
  • Ladbrokes
  • Paddy Power
  • Sky Bet
  • William Hill

Here is how the markets look at Sky Bet. They probably have more markets for bookings points than any other bookmaker. 

Booking points examples

When To Bet On Booking Points

Of course, knowing when to play Booking Points odds is key. Just as you’d play the BTTS and win the market you need to consider a large number of factors before placing your bet.

Things to consider include:

The Significance of the Game

How important a game is or isn’t can largely determine how competitive a fixture is. For example, if the tie is a local derby then you’re likely to see a feistier game than a top-of-the-table v mid-table fixture.

Additionally, the importance of the game in relation to the league or cup can also have an effect. A relegation six-pointer is going to see players battling much harder, therefore having more potential for poor tackles and confrontation.

On the other hand, an end-of-season fixture with nothing to play for is going to see players less interested in the game and simply going through the motions.

The Referee

The Referee is also an important factor when considering the Booking Points market.

You’ll generally see that certain referees are much more card-friendly than others. Naturally, a referee who on average hands out more cards will see punters bet on higher Booking Points numbers.

The Players on the Pitch

Similarly, the players on the pitch are also worth looking into. Player booking statistics are easy to come by and they’re well worth analysing before making your bet.

That’s on top of the reputations many players have whether that be putting in strong tackles or getting booked for diving.


Booking points are an interesting market to bet on. The key thing is not to just look at games that look like there will be a lot of cards but to look at where the lines are and where the value is. If the match is Celtic v Rangers then the points lines will be higher than, for example, England v Andora. Following the stats and trends for teams and matches can help you to find more value in these markets.

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