How to lay bets off

Most of the major bookies now let you “cash out” your accumulators but that may not be the best way to secure the profit. If you have a Betfair account you can lay bets off to get a potentially bigger profit or cover your stake. We show you how it’s done in simple steps.

How to lay bets off to secure profit

The first step is to have a Betfair account (and get the Betfair app – Click here for the review).

Now you have an account you need to have a bet that’s winning that you want to lay off. This works best when you’re down to the last game, make sure you have a note of the odds and your stake.

Now you need to calculate how to lay it off, start by going to and select back/lay calculator. If you’re on iPhone this site won’t work so you can download the free back/lay calc app (click here to download).

Enter the details of your accumulators’ odds, stake and the lay odds from Betfair for the final game. Then hit calculate and it will tell you the exact lay stake for Betfair. This is almost always higher than the “cash out” option from the bookies, just make sure you double check the numbers so you’re getting the best profit.

How to lay off bets – example


From the images above we created an example of how this is done (from the iPhone calculator app). In this scenario, we have backed an acca at 50 (£5 at 49/1) and we have one game to go. The odds for the lay is at 1.5 (remember the lay odds are in red) so we’ve added these details to the calculator.

If we let it run the acca is set to return a £245 profit, but if we’re nervous we can lay £166.67 at 1.5. Remember this is a lay so the liability is £88.33, which you will need to have in your account. If we place the lay we are secured a £161 profit regardless of the outcome.

You can choose when’s the best time to lay off if for example the team takes the lead and it’s 1-0 with 10 to go you can still lay it off at that point. The odds will probably be around 1.18 so we’ve added this as an example. If added to the calculator you can now get a £206 profit.

It’s always worth checking the odds to lay of bets if you feel nervous. It’s your choice if and when you do it but it’s good to cover it as there’s nothing worse than losing a big acca to a last-minute equaliser!

If you have multiple games remaining then you can use arb cruncher site to make a double lay bet by using the multiple lay calculator. Select the two games and it will calculate the return for laying them both so if one loses you’ll get an even return, you can then add this to the back/ lay calculator. There is a chance if you do it this way then you can win both lays making an even bigger profit.