Pool Betting Explained: All You Need To Know

Pool betting is one of the oldest and more traditional forms of betting and far exceeds online wagering in terms of age. 

It’s almost 100 years since the football pools were introduced to the UK market and it’s been a major part of how we bet ever since.

If you’re new to sports betting then we’re here to help. Below you’ll find all you need to know about pool betting. 

What Is Pool Betting?

Pool betting is a type of wager in which you pay a fixed price to play and have to select a number of outcomes in which you think will happen. This could be on teams to win, for example.

The winner, or, in many cases, winners are those who predict the most results correctly win a share of the prize pot.

How To Play Pool Betting

Pool betting is relatively easy to understand and involves you paying an entry fee into the pool and choosing a number of selections in which you believe will win on a market.

Once entered, the player with the most selections predicted correctly wins. It’s essentially a little like the lottery where you pay an entry fee and the person with the most correct outcomes wins.

Of course, rather than pot luck however, you can use many betting strategies and tips to win whether that be through understanding probability to analysing form, head-to-head statistics and more. 

Where Can I Play Pool Betting?

A number of bookmakers and betting apps offer pool betting these days. Totepool, who are owned by Betfred, run pools for horse racing, while you’ll find plenty offering football betting pools. 

Ladbrokes offers one of the more popular football pools markets, with as much as £3million up for grabs in some cases! 

For all the best bookmakers check out our specific Android and iPhone betting pages to find many more big names offering pools betting. 

The Types Of Pool Betting

Different bookmakers offer different varieties of pools and a rather large market has developed over recent years. Below you’ll find some of the more common form of pool betting…


A totepool horse racing market that can be found at every meeting across the country. It involves selecting a horse to place in the third and sixth races of the day, with winnings then evenly paid out to all the winners.


This is exclusively offered for TV meets and involves picking six winners from a meeting with the winner earning huge sums. 


A Jackpot pool is similar to Scoop6 and is found on most meetings. It involves predicting six winners at a meeting and should nobody win, the jackpot is rolled over to the next day, often leading to some hefty prize pots.

Football Pool Betting

There are various pools on offer for football. Among the more common are ones in which you select winners, while the more traditional form is betting on the fixtures you believe will be a score draw. This particular one can offer some fantastic payouts.