How to Resolve Betting App Issues

Got a problem with your betting app? follow our steps below to resolve almost any issue! 

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Technical Issues

Sometimes, apps can just stop working temporarily. Users may occasionally experience issues such as:

  • Being unable to log in

  • Apps freezing

  • Unable to claim free spins or free bets

  • Being unable to access certain areas/services

This could be down to a server overload, app maintenance, or a bug within the app’s coding.

Steps To Resolve Technical Issues

  • Shut down the app and reboot.
  • Close down the app and see if the problem also occurs on the bookmaker’s mobile website.
  • Check social media to see if other users are experiencing similar problems. 
  • Check the book makers social media account -This is where you will here about a company-wide issue first
  • Contact the customer support team of the relevant betting app.

These types of betting app issues are usually short-term, with normal service being resumed within the same hour.

If the issue occurs frequently, or when performing a certain action, it is most likely to be a bug with the app itself. In this instance, it would be worthwhile reporting it to the customer support team, so that a fix can be worked on and put in place in the next app update.

Betting App Disputes

An issue may crop up whereby a user is in disagreement with a betting app. This could be down to a bet settlement dispute, a bookmaker withholding funds, or restricting an account, for example.

When a dispute like this happens. The first port of call should be the bookmaker itself. Give them the first opportunity to rectify any perceived mistake. If needed, escalate to the management level.

If it feels like the user and the bookmaker are going around in circles, the next step would be to contact what is known as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (ADRS). These are independent bodies that act as a mediator in an attempt to settle the matter, one way or another.

ADRS providers who operate within the gambling sector include:

The above organisations are all approved by the Gambling Commission – the UK licensing and regulatory body. For a full list of approved ADRS organisations, visit the Gambling Commission website.

You will be pleased to know that any issues will not impact your credit rating. There is no negative impact on you for pursuing a claim. You can read our guide to betting and your credit rating here

How to resolve betting app issues

Verification Issues

Online bookmakers are required to ‘know their customer’ as part of their licensing conditions. This means that they will, at some point request details and documents to be uploaded or sent to them to verify the account.

The main reasons for this are to prevent money laundering, identity theft and fraud. This may be asked for when registering with the bookmaker, or at a later date.

If you are unable to provide the requested documents, for whatever reason, it is recommended to contact the customer support team to see if an alternative method can be identified. For example, attending the relevant bookmaker’s high street shop in person to prove your identity.

Withdrawal Issues

Withdrawing funds is usually a seamless process. However, problems can arise in certain circumstances.

Most betting app issues relating to withdrawals occur when trying to withdraw funds for the first time. This could be due to the account being verified or if the withdrawal method being requested differs from the one that was used to deposit funds into the account.

Bookmakers, who do not ask for verification during sign-up, will need to ensure the account is verified before acting upon a withdrawal request. This is to prevent/minimise identity theft and money laundering.

Therefore, we recommend verifying the account (if possible) when registering, regardless of whether it is requested or not. This just saves the inconvenience of having to do it later down the line, which could well delay a withdrawal request.

If you have changed banks between depositing and withdrawing and no longer have access to the old one, this could well prevent a withdrawal from being successful.

In this instance, we would recommend contacting the Bookmaker’s customer support service to point this out and to see what can be done. Usually, a bank statement showing that the new bank account is in the same name as the betting app’s user account in question is all that will be required.  

We have a full guide on depositing and withdrawing from your betting account here

Trouble Shooting FAQs

If your betting app freezes the best thing to do is to close it down and reboot it. If this fails do a hard reset on your phone and then reload the app – this will work in 99% of cases when it is a local issue on your device. (Check you have a strong enough signal to mke sure this signal isn’t the issue) 

If you cannot log in then check you are using the right password, if you are unsure use the reset password option.

If you feel you have won a bet and have an issue getting a payment then the company’s customer service department is the first place to try. If that fails they will have a dispute resolution team so your query can be passed on. If you do not get a resolution from them there are independent bodies like eCOGRA that can act as a mediator in your dispute. 

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