How To Cash Out On The William Hill app

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This guide will demonstrate how to use and get the most out of the cash out features available on the William Hill app.

The method and types of cash out have changed over time, as the app has evolved. Cashing out has never been simpler.

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How To Cash Out On The Wiliam Hill App

Cashing out enables customers to settle a bet at an accepted price before the outcome has been determined.

Therefore, to see if any cash out amounts are being offered, users need to navigate to their open bets. This can be done from the bottom menu bar.

My bets on the William Hill app

All open bets will now be shown. Cash out amounts will be shown here below each bet, but for convenience, there is a dedicated cash out tab to show ONLY the bets that have a cash amount offered on them.

how to cash out on the William Hill app

All available Cash out amounts can now be reviewed and either left to ride, or accepted and banked. To activate a cash out request, tap on the cash out button, displaying the amount offered.

checking cash out amounts

Two buttons will now appear in replacement of the cash out amount. One will be to cancel the request (if pressed in error) and one to confirm. The button to confirm will also show the cash out amount attempted to be banked.

confirming a cash out

tapping on the confirm button will complete the cash out process.

How to use partial cash out with William Hill

William Hill used to have a very effective partial cash out system. This gave customers the chance to take a percentage of the cash out amount and leave the remaining percentage on the initial bet.

However, since the William Hill app has had an interface rebuild, the partial cash out system has disappeared.

William Hill have acknowledges this and have assured customers that they are working behind the scenes to be able to offer out this facility once more.

How to cash out of a William hill shop bet

William Hill try to make sure that their high street customers aren’t missing out by bridging the gap with their William Hill plus service.

Users can log in to William Hill plus to cash out of bets they have placed in a William Hill shop. They can also bet in shops using online funds, as well as being able to withdraw online funds from a shop cashier.

As we only bet online, we do not benefit from this service, but certainly see major advantages to those that do. Signing up for William Hill plus has to be done on a William Hill shop.

Once set up, users can then access the William Hill Plus service from the app. From the home page, tap on the main menu.

main menu icon

From the list of options presented, choose Promotions.


Two options should now appear. Those being Plus and Promotions. Tap on Plus.

William Hill plus icon

The William Hill Plus log in screen should now be visible. Tap login, enter the set up details and the user will then be logged in and able to see cash out options on shop bets.

William Hill Plus

The demonstrations on this page have been done using an iPhone on the most up-to-date iOS software. The process remains the same, regardless of whether the user is using Android, phone, tablet or desktop. However, the menu buttons may appear in different locations on the larger screen devices. 

So that is how to cash out on the William Hill app in a nutshell. There are plenty more features on the William Hill app that makes it worthy of an installation, in our opinion. For more details, head over to our William Hill app review

Still Struggling With Cash Out?

William Hill have an in-depth knowledge centre that is attached to the William Hill app and site. Feel free to also get in touch with ourselves. We are available at @bettingapps on Twitter.


There are many reasons why a cash out may not be offered. The market may not be eligible for cash out, the cash out amount could have dropped below zero or the market could be suspended in-play due to what is actually happening in the event in question.

Bookmakers are not obliged to offer a cash out amount and are able to withdraw a cash out offer at any time.

Markets that are eligible for cash out are marked with a special symbol. The symbol is a graphic of a pound not with two curved arrows around it that almost form a circle.

William Hill cash out symbol

Bets placed using the Build YourOdds tool will not be eligible for cash out. 

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