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Colossus bets app logo newSince we started testing the Colossus bets app we’ve become almost obsessed with it! It gives you the chance to win a share of many different pools based games. As the app has grown so has the range of sports available on it. You now get football, NBA basketball and more pools to pick from.

There’s always pools to pick from every day so download the Colossus bets app and get involved today!

Colossus Bets Breakdown

The best thing about this app is that it is unique. Most other betting apps offer the same markets, very similar design and very similar odds. Not here!

Colossus bets changes all that with its clean simple layout and pools type betting – but with massive jackpots and fractional cash out options.

The biggest pool is the football pick 6 and is a headline-grabbing £1,000,000 jackpot if you can correctly pick the correct score from 6 selected games. Whilst this is a real long shot, you have the option to cover multiple results. If it’s going well you can always cash out for a bumper payment.

Football Coupons

The initial focus was football. At launch, it was the only sport it offered. Whilst that has changed now it still feels like a football betting app at its core. There are more events in football and it’s the most bet on sport in the UK. This is where Colossus is based – although you can play the pools from various countries around the world.

The first tab you come to on the app is the football pools. Almost every day, pools are available to pick from:

Football coupons on the Colossus bets app

Horse Racing Coupons

Racing comes in the form of two different syndicates, one to win and one to place. These come as wither pick 6 or pick 4 pools. We’d say the pick 6 to win is a tricky one to call. The price is guaranteed as £10,000 for the 6 and £1,000 for the 4 on the win markets. The place markets vary as there are extra boosted pools on offer some days.

On the place markets, each leg has the information at the top about how many places are covered in that race.

Like all things with colossus, you can add multiple horses for higher odds. You also get the option to cash out when the races are not in running.

horse racing coupons

NBA Coupons

NBA is one of the newer sports on offer here and they cover certain matches. These are usually the pick 5 pools whereby you are selecting the points margin for each game. You select the team to win and by which margin you think they will win by.

The margins are grouped as follows

  • 1-4
  • 5-8
  • 9-12
  • 13-16
  • 17-20
  • 21-14
  • 25+

This gives you the options to cover groups of scores or both teams with low score differences if you think it is going to be a tight game.

Colossus Pool Types

Theses are called “picks” in the list of games and they vary depending on the number. For example, in football the pick 3 & 4 are correct score games, the pick 5 is an HDA game.


The 1X2 (home, draw, away) pool is our favourite market on the Colossus bets app as the potential for winning is much increased. The 1X2 Pick 15 is the equivalent of the Coral football jackpot but with an £800,000 prize pool every week so it’s generally better. You can also cash out in play at set times during the pool giving you the chance to bag some or all of the cash as you choose.

As with all their markets you have the full or fractional cash in available to you, which you don’t get with the Coral football jackpot.

During the week there’s HDA5s are available to get involved with. Prizes here start from £1,000. On all HDA games, you can play as many lines as you like, but obviously the cost goes up depending on the number of lines. As it is a pool system covering every line does not guarantee a profit as the prize is split between the winning tickets.

Here is how the ticket looks –

1X2 coupon

Maximum lines

  • The Pick 5 1X2 – 243 lines – £468 to cover every line at £2 a line
  • Pick 8 1X2
  • Coupon Pick 15 1X2 – 14,348,907 lines – £28,697,814 to cover every line at £2 a line

Correct Score

The pick games are for the correct score markets where you have to pick selected scores from the range. Again you can pick multiple options and this increases your stake size. There are options for any score above 3 (4-0, 4-1 etc) goals for the home or away team – AOH (any other home) and AOA (any other away).

If you fancy a score draw they also have AOD (any other draw) which is any draw at 2-2 or higher. This is a nice option as it covers you on high scoring games. It is similar to Betfair’s “any unquoted” on the correct score market.

Here is how the correct score pool looks

Correct score coupon on the Colossus bets app

Over/ Under

This is a simple one, will the games in question go over or under 2.5 goals? You Decide!

Asian Handicap

This gives a -0.5, -1.5 or -2.5 goal variance on a game and you have to pick the winner. As per Asian handicaps, the score would effectively start -0.5 v 0 so you can never have a draw.

Free Play

As a regular customer, you get access to certain free play games. These are pools with prizes that you get a free shot at. You can even cash out your free play in profit – awesome!


Colossus bets features

Cash-out Options

On the Colossus bets app, you get the option to cash out your bets if you are winning, once the games are in play. This can only be done at half time and full time. You can flick through your bets and see what options you have. Another great thing about Colossus is the fractional cash in option. Here you can “sell” part of the bet off for an amount and keep the rest of the bet running.

This is a great way of banking some profits but still allowing the rest of the bet to win for a smaller prize. This was a unique offering from Colossus but Betfair have since added this to their exchange and sports app too – Click here for the Betfair app review.

Smart Pick

smart pick allows Colossus to pick your selections for you. However, we don’t have any data on how this works and would not recommend it.


Syndicates on Colossus gives you the chance to share in other larger tickets for a smaller cost. This is a great way of getting involved in big pools even for just a couple of quid – a really fun way to bet socially. Most of the captains are on twitter. You can also follow Colossus on twitter at @colossusbets who keep you up to date with how the pools are going.

The captain (the person who picked the results for the pool) controls the cash out in a syndicate so you just have to accept their decisions. From experience, most captains are sensible and cash in parts of the bet to cover the stake once a decent offer is in.

Overall we really like the Colossus bets app and this is a great, fun and well thought out app that gives you something different than the standard betting apps.

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