Colossus bets app

Since we started testing the Colossus bets app we’ve become almost obsessed with it! It gives you the chance to win a share of many different pools based games. Although the headline pool “The Colossus” offers a £10,000,000 jackpot we’re much more interested in the pick 3/4 games as well as the HDA 8/15. There’s always pools to pick from every day so download the Colossus bets app and get involved today! See below for a special new customer offer.

Colossus bets app – new customer bonus

As a new customer to Colossus bets you can get your first 72 hours spend matched, up to £100, when you register through the link below and add promo code “TWITTER”. The below link will also take you straight to the Colossus bets mobile home page.

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Colossus bets app review

The best thing about this app is that it is unique, most other betting apps offer the same markets, very similar design and very similar odds. Colossus bets changes all that with its clean simple layout and pools type betting – but with massive jackpots and fractional cash out options.

Colossus bets app screen shotAt first the orange and black design was a little off putting, similar to 888sports, but once you’ve used it for five minutes you get used to it. The biggest pool is “the Colossus” and is a headline grabbing £10,000,000 jackpot if you can correctly pick the correct score from 7 selected games. Whilst this is a real long shot you have the option to cover multiple results and if its going well you can always cash out for a bumper payment.

Cash out options – On the Colossus bets app you get the option to cash out your bets if you are winning, once the games are in play. This can be done simply on the app by going to the cash out tab in the menu on the top left. You can flick through you bets and see what options you have. Another great thing about Colossus is the fractional cash in option where you can “sell” part of the bet off for an amount and keep the rest of the bet running.

This is a great way of banking some profits but still allowing the rest of the bet to win for a smaller prize. This was a unique offering from Colossus but Betfair have since added this to their exchange and sports app too – Click here for the Betfair app review.

The cash out options are made when no games are currently being played. This can either be between games or at half time in the matches.

Colossus bets HDA 15 imageHDA 8 & 15 – The HDA (home, draw, away) pool is our favourite market on the Colossus bets app as the potential for winning is much increased. The HDA 15 is the equivalent of the Coral football jackpot but with a £1,000,000 prize pool every week (£500,000 pool & a £500,000 bonus) so its generally better. As with all their markets you have the full or fractional cash in available to you, which you don’t get with the football jackpot. During the week there’s HDA5s an other sizes depending on the amount of games on with prizes starting from £1,000.

Pick 3 & 6 – The pick games are for the correct score markets where you have to pick selected scores from the range, again you can pick multiple options and this increases your stake size. There are options for any score above 3 (4-0, 4-1 etc) goals for the home or away team – AOH (any other home) and AOA (any other away). If you fancy a score draw they also have AOD (any other draw) which is any draw at 2-2 or higher. This is a nice option as it covers you on high scoring games and is similar to Betfairs “any unquoted” on the correct score market.

Improvements – There’s just a couple of things we’d like to see for improvements but these are only really minor and possibly a bit picky! Firstly we’d rather you could look at the games without registering, you can go the the “desktop view” but its not great. Once registered its fine but does stop you finding out a bit more about the app before you enter your details.

The only other thing we’d like to see is a “back” button on the cash in screen so you can just back to the bets list without going through the menu again. This would just speed the process up slightly and as I mentioned this is probably being a little picky.

Overall we really like the Colossus bets app and this its a great, fun and well though out app that gives you something different than the standards betting app.