The Best Novelty Betting Markets

We’re probably all aware that bookmakers will offer prices on things other than sport. In fact, the top gambling apps are still some of the first platforms we use to discover just what will be the outcome of many things, whether that be TV shows, the next Prime Minister, or Christmas Number 1!

There’s a vast number of markets to play that we’d consider ‘Novelty’ or ‘Betting Specials’ and they’re always well worth playing.

So what are they and what are the best Novelty bets to play?

Here’s our ultimate guide from the best markets to where to find them…

What Are TV Bets and How Do I Place Them?

Novelty bets are pretty easy to understand. In a nutshell, they’re wagers that don’t have anything (or have little to do with) betting on sport.

They work in exactly the same way as sports betting, where you receive odds on a certain event or outcome happening and you place your wager.

You’ll usually find them combined in their own section labelled either “Novelty”, “TV Specials”, “Betting Specials” and in some cases even have separate sections entirely for “Politics”.

Ultimately though, they’re clearly signposted across most betting apps so you’ll rarely have long to wait before coming across them.

The Best Novelty Bets

There are dozens upon dozens of novelty betting specials offered by major bookmakers every year, with generally similar markets appearing every year around particular events.

You can generally split the markets into two sections, those related to TV and movies, and those that surround “real-life” events.

Below you’ll find some of our favourite novelty markets to bet on throughout the year…

TV/Movie Specials

We’ll start with TV and film markets that are regularly found across iPhone apps and Android devices. Most of these markets have small maximum bet amounts and these are more for fun bets than serious value betting.

Eurovision Song Contest

While also a major real-life event we’re placing Eurovision in with the television as let’s face it, that’s how we all watch it.

The winner of Eurovision is always a popular betting market and will usually have a few other specials such as ‘Britain to receive no points’ or Over/Under points markets.

Coronation Street/Eastenders/ Soaps

The soaps also provide the novelty market with some odds across the year. They’ll generally vary depending on the storyline but usually crop up around whodunnits.

Therefore it might be who is the father of a child, who was the murderer, markets like that. In many cases, these are priced up for fun use on social media as they are aware the cast and crew always know the outcome. 

X-Factor Betting

Every year there will be betting markets for X Factor with this wager generally becoming a bit of an institution.

Throughout the live shows, you’ll be able to bet on the winner with the likes of Paddy Power usually offering a couple of added novelty bets to keep things interesting.

Of course on all talent shows where competitors are voted off there’s a market, including the likes of Strictly Come Dancing, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Dancing on Ice, and Big Brother.

In reality TV betting, you will usually get 2 markets. Firstly you will get the elimination market – who will go next in the show, as shown below (Odds are not live and shown as an example only) –

Strictly Elimination

Then you will get the overall winners market. (Odds are not live and shown as an example only)

SCD winners market

Sports Personality of the Year

A little more closely related to sport is of course Sports Personality of the Year. You can usually bet on this throughout the year, with the event then taking place in December.

As well as the winner of SPOTY, you’ll also be able to bet on the winners of other categories such as Sports Moment of the Year or Team of the Year.

This is a very popular market and you can usually bet on it all year. The odds will move as sporting events happen.

Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies are always available to bet on whether that be the Brits, the Oscars, or the National TV Awards.

Almost every bookie will give you odds on Best Film categories and in many cases even give you enhanced odds or special offers.

All the major ceremonies across the US and UK are easy to find and place bets on.

Next James Bond

There are always a number of “Next” markets when it comes to film and television. The most common of these at the moment is the next James Bond.

With Daniel Craig only having one film left before passing the role on, you’ll find this market on most betting apps.

The next Dr. Who is often offered as odds whenever there are rumours or confirmation of the current one stepping down.

Real-Life Specials/ Political Betting

Real-Life Specials are those that don’t necessarily revolve around television and are usually related to politics, celebrities, or natural events.

Next Prime Minister

The next Prime Minister market is a particularly popular market currently. You bet on this just as you would the next Bond or Manchester United manager, while you’ll also find many more politics specials.

The likes of Year Prime Minister Will Be Replaced, Referendum specials and plenty around Brexit can be bet on. You’ll also find many specials on the President of the United States.

White Christmas

One market you’ll see every year is odds on having a white Christmas.

Now, we of course wouldn’t necessarily recommend this one, after all when does it ever happen?

However, it’s there to be bet on and will always add a little Christmas cheer to your betting.

Christmas Number 1

Christmas number one is the biggest chart position an artist could ask for and it’s a competitive market each and every year.

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