Responsible Gambling at William Hill – How To Use The Safer Gambling Tools

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Welcome to our guide to all of the responsible gambling tools that are provided on the William Hill app.

Seven tools have been designed to help customers stay in control of their time and budgets. We will look at each one individually. However, we will first start off by showing you how to access the tools.

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How To Access William Hill’s Gambling Control Tools

The safer gambling tools are located from within the user settings. On mobile, this can be accessed at any time by tapping on the user icon in the top right corner of the screen.

user settings

Now tap on the box labelled “Safer Gambling”.

Safer gambling centre

All seven gambling tools will now be presented in a list format.

William Hill safer gambling tools

Tapping on each tool will open up the relevant options.

How To Check Profit And Loss

This tool provides a whole range of data relating to the betting history on the account. Users can get quick summaries on profit and losses over various time periods:

  • Current month
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 12 months

The user can also set a custom date range to view profits and losses for whatever time period they like.

There’s also a more detailed list of transactions, showing the result of each bet made, be that a winner, loser or a cashed out bet. Filters are also attached so that transactions and summaries can be modified to show wins only, or multiple bets only, as examples.

It is recommended to regularly check in her, as it is quite easy to lose track on how much you are winning, or losing. This is especially true if the user is betting across multiple betting accounts.

How To Use William Hill's Self Assessment

The Self Assessment tool is an independent test that William Hill host on their website to help people who may be getting concerned about their betting habit.

Tapping on the Self Assessment box will direct the user from the William Hill app to their preferred browser on to the William Hill mobile site, where the test is hosted. The test has been developed by a Swedish company called Sustainable Interaction.

The test is completely anonymous and not linked to the user’s account in any way. The information is purely for the purposes of the test and is not used for any other reason. 

The test is a set of 16 statements that the user has to rate from 0-10 on how much they believe that statement applies to them. After that there are a few personal questions, such as age and gender and then the test will provide a detailed set of results.

These results provide measurements and recommendations on how much gambling is affecting the user’s:

  • Time spent gambling
  • Stake habits
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Health

If the test is showing warning signs in one or more areas, it may be time to think about addressing current gambling habits and possibly using the other tools available to get back on the right track.

How To Set Deposit Limits

Three different deposit limits can be set up to make sure it is not possible to overspend on the budget. These limits are:

  • Daily limits
  • Weekly limits
  • Monthly limits

One, two or all three can be set, depending on preference. To get started tap on the deposit limit box from the safer gambling tools. Then tap on the deposit limit to be set. For this example, we are looking to place a daily limit of £100

How to set a deposit limit on the William Hill app

A box will now appear showing what limits (if any) are already set for that time period. Tap on the box to set a new limit

setting a daily deposit limit

A predefined list of values will now appear to set as the new limit. Select the new daily limit. In our example that is £100.

setting a £100 daily limit

The new limit will now show. All that is left is to tap on the “Save your deposit limits” button to confirm

confirming new deposit limits with William Hill

If a deposit limit is looking to be decreased, the request will be actioned immediately.

If a deposit limit is requested to be increased, the request will need to be confirmed again 24 hours later before the increase will occur.

This is a safety mechanism to prevent any rash thinking and gives the user plenty of time to think the decision through before committing to it.

How To Change Gaming Time Reminders

Gaming time reminders or reality checks are used to help users keep track on the amount of time they have been playing for.

It is quite easy to get wrapped up in the casino, so William Hill provide either 30 minute or one hour game time reminders. These reminders are purely for gaming and do not appear for sports, poker or virtual betting.

Reminders come by way of a friendly pop-up to state that the user has been playing for the set time period.

The user can then choose to close the reminder and carry on playing, or if they have indeed lost track of time, they can then act on the reminder by shutting the app down.

To change the frequency of reminders go to the game time reminders sections from the safer gambling tools.

The screen will now show the current time period that is set for reminders. To change it, tap  where it says “Gaming time reminder”

How to Change Gaming Time reminders on the William Hill app

a drop down box will now appear showing showing the set time period. Tap on it to reveal the other time periods available to select.

changing reality check time

Only two time periods are available. 30 minutes and one hour. Select the new time period desired.

decreasing William Hill reality check

Now tap on “save your reminder” to lock in the change request. 

saving new gaming time reminder duration

The new time period will take effect when the current game time has elapsed or from when all games are shut down. 

How To Time Out On The William Hill App

Time outs are designed to be used by users who need to temporarily not be distracted by their gambling habit.

This could be due to an important piece of work that has been scheduled or because the user wants complete relaxation whilst on holiday.

Time outs can be set for times ranging from one to thirty days.

From the Time Out section found in the safer gambling tools tap on the “”Select time out duration” drop down box.

How to time out on the William Hill app

A list from one day to thirty will now show. Tap on the number of days required. In our example we are going for fourteen.

choosing number of time out days

Enter the user account password in the field below and then tap the “Save your Time Out” button. The account will now be temporarily closed for the time specified.

confirming William Hill time out request

The Time Out tool only caters for up to 30 days. However up to 42 days can be requested. If more than 30 days are required, get in contact with the customer service team from the live chat system, who will be more than happy to help.

If more than 42 days are required, the self exclusion tool may be a better fit for purpose.

How To Close Down A William Hill Account

The most brutal of all the available tools on the William Hill app is the account closure tool.

This should be used when gambling has been identified as being a significant problem in the person’s life. It can also be used for many other reasons, such as moving to a different betting app, or because of a dispute that has been settled unsatisfactorily.

If you are looking to close your William Hill account, be sure to withdraw any funds from it first before starting the process below.

To close the account, select account closure from the safer gambling tools. This is a very simple process, whereby only two fields are required to be entered. First, tap on the “pick your reason” box.

How to close down William Hill account

A dropdown of options will now show. Select the option that best fits, or choose the prefer not to say option at the bottom.

justifying account closure request

Now enter the user account password in the field below and tap on the “Close my account” button.

completing William Hill account closure request

The account will now be permanently closed.

How To Self Exclude From William Hill

The Self Exclusion tool is a half-house between a Time-out and account closure. It enables users to shut down their William Hill betting accounts for periods of time lasting from six months to five years.

The tool also has a direct link to the GAMSTOP service. This is a more universal service which helps users to self exclude from all betting apps as a collective, not just with William Hill. This could be essential to problem gamblers who have multiple betting accounts.

Upon opening the Self Exclude tool William Hill make the GAMSTOP service prominent. If the user wants to self exclude from all apps then the “Go to GAMSTOP” button should be pressed. If the user is just looking to self-exclude with just William Hill, then the “Self Exclude from William Hill” link should be tapped just below.

How to self exclude from William Hill

This example is showing the journey for someone looking to self exclude only from William Hill. From the William Hill self exclusion screen that opens tap on the drop down box to select how long to set the exclusion period for.

selecting self exclusion time

This example will demonstrate someone looking to self exclude for a one year period.

setting a one year self exclusion on the William Hill app

Once selected, enter the account password and tap on the “Request a self exclusion” button to confirm.

confirming a self exclusion request with William Hill

The account will now be closed for the period. It will now not be possible to re-open it until the specific time period has passed.

Further Help And Support

Independent support is available from a variety of sources. GAMSTOP and are both well trusted sources to those who may think their gambling habit is getting a little out of control.

For a more informal chat about anything related to responsible gambling, you are more than welcome to reach out to us at @bettingapps on Twitter. Fore more information on what William Hill have to offer, we have a full review of the William Hill app that provides a good overall picture. 

William Hill have a customer support network that includes a help section on the app and a live help service. If there’s anything you are unsure about when going through any of the above processes, you can always fallback to those resources for further help.


No. As some of the quirky slots titles and games can be very addictive, William Hill have a duty of care to their customers by making it clear how long they have been playing for.

Reality checks only apply to gaming with William Hill and are known as Gaming Time Reminders. These do not show to people who are sports betting or playing poker.

This is possible through GAMSTOP. This service is free of charge and is available to all UK residents. It is a non profit organisation and can have self-exclusions set up on all of a person’s betting accounts within 24 hours of signup.

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