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Paddy Power have a free to play game for all customers called “last man standing” where you compete against others to win the £1,000 prize fund. The Paddy Power last man standing app is available for i0s users on iTunes and can be played on any mobile or desktop.

Last man standing app review & how to play

How to play – Firstly you’ll need a Paddy Power account, you’ll need to have either a balance in your account or have place at least 1 bet. If you do fancy a bet you’ll get a £30 free bet when you deposit £10, click the link below to get an account –

Click here to join Paddy Power and play last man standing

paddy power app screen shotThere’s only one game running each week so you may have to wait for a new game to start before getting involved. Once the game is open all you need to do is go in and pick your teams. If your chosen team wins then you’re through to the next round. You can enter each weekly game with 1 selection per customer. The game continues as such until the winner is crowned “the last man standing” and they pocket the cash!

You cannot select the same team more than once in any game, except if it goes over 20 weeks. This means that as the game goes on you’ll need to pick less bankers to win. This is a tougher game than it sounds as yo’ve got to keep picking winning teams every week and can’t just pick the same teams over and over.

If the last 2 (or more) players are both out in the final week the prize is split equally between the remaining players and the game starts again. On the last man standing app you can check the progress of the current game and see how many players you are up against.

The main tip is to try not to go with the crowd as you’ll see as soon as Manchester City don’t win loads of people drop out – especially in the early weeks. Its about picking teams at the right time and just looking for bookies “bankers”. As the game goes on you’ll need to pick teams near the bottom to win at some point so try and get the balance right with who you pick each week. Remember – Only the last man wins the prize.

Paddy Power last man standing app – This is a very simple app to use and looks just like the website game. Its an easy way to keep up with how you are doing especially when you have multiple games running.