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The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league that consists of 32 teams, all of which are divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). As well as being among one of the top four professional sports leagues in North America, it is also recognised as the highest professional level of American football globally.

NFL Mobile App Guide

The NFL regular season normally starts on Labour Day in the US, concluding a week after Christmas.

The NFL started life in the US as the American Professional Football Association. Before merging with the American Football League in 1966. The NFL boasts the highest attendance at any professional sports game, as well as being one of the most popular sports leagues in the US.

With the US sports gaining traction in the UK as well as the US, a dedicated app was released so sports fans globally could keep track of their favourite teams.

NFL App Download

App Installation – As the app can be downloaded directly from Apple’s App Store, the installation is a straightforward affair. Simply click on the download link, and everything else will be automated.

The app is designed for users of either the iPhone or iPad, so if you have iOS, then it’s likely this app will work on your device.

Click to download the iOS app or Click to download the Android app

Official NFL App Review

Get the latest news on the appApp Design – As you would expect, the NFL app treats customers to a series of live games via the NFL app, however, you may find that certain games are blacked out. If this is the case, then you will normally find that the game in question is being broadcast elsewhere, such as on Sky Sports.

The aesthetics of the app are pleasing on the eye, while everything is set out so users are able to navigate around the app with relative ease.

Evidently, landing on games that have been blacked out in the UK can be somewhat frustrating, but this is only to be expected when watching a US-based sports outfit within the UK, due to the numerous licensing issues that can arise.

Fans of American football will find a lot of use for the app, albeit with a few misgivings.

Main App Features

  • Follow NFL Games – Fans are able to follow their favourite teams, complete with up-to-the-minute score results.
  • Read Articles – As well as the plethora of games available for you to view live, NFL also gives users a number of articles that focus on the world of NFL. The latest news and top breaking stories are displayed on your device automatically, meaning that die-hard fans are kept abreast of their favourite team’s progress while mobile.
  • Track Statistics – NFL fans can follow the major stats associated with team leaders within all the major stat categories.
  • iPad Only Features – While a vast number of features work within the iPhone app, that only work for users who are browsing the app from an iPad. For example, users can gain access to the NFL Network. There is also the option of browsing Red Zone, a section of the app that highlights recent goals, but only seems to be available to US-based subscribers at this moment in time.

Apple TV Features

  • Highlights – Users are able to watch a number of highlights and replays which focus on the 256 games held within the seasons, as well as classic games from 2012 onwards, including Super Bowl games.
  • Watch Your Favourite Teams – Apple TV users are also able to select videos from their favourite teams, or even choose to replay recent games.

There are a number of features that NFL fans will simply adore, however as the service is based in the US, UK visitors may find that some of the services are restricted due to licensing laws. For example, if Sky Sports within the UK have the rights to a particular event, then it’s likely UK visitors will not be able to view that particular segment of the app.

Special Offers and Bonuses

Live stream games and catch highlightsDue to the nature of the app, there are not many promotions to be sought, due to the fact that the app acts as more of a news app, then a generic betting app like we’re used to in the UK. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t any money-saving offers available for NFL fans, but some might have to weigh up as to how many games they watch to see if the subscription is a worthwhile investment.

For example, there is a corresponding NFL Game Pass app that can be used in conjunction with the main NFL app. This allows iOS users to watch a plethora of games on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The Season Plus subscription costs NFL users £34.99, and in theory, it is able to offer the UK NFL fan everything they need.

However, due to the aforementioned licensing laws within the UK, you may also need to purchase a Sky Sports subscription to view some of the key games. So if you’re not a diehard fan of NFL, then some may find the subscription option somewhat overwhelming, especially as there an additional cost involved.

Our Conclusion

The NFL app is an aesthetically-pleasing platform that offers NFL fans a vast number of features on demand. However, only true NFL fans will benefit from purchasing a subscription. Although there are no ongoing promotions, it can be worthwhile to follow the NFL social networks so you view promotions as and when they run.

What affects the NFL app the most is the fact that UK residents are given less information that those in the US, and in its defence, this is normally the case for a number of sports-orientated apps, especially those that focus on US-based sports.

It’s certainly worthwhile downloading the initial app, as users can browse what’s on offer and easily decide as to whether it’s worth investing anything further. But if you’re merely looking to keep abreast of your favourite team’s results and statistics, then the NFL app is just what you’re looking for.