Scoop 6

Betfred - Scoop 6The Scoop 6 jackpot is a collective jackpot that you can win from as little as £2. To win the jackpot you’ll be required to pick the winners of 6 selected races, which are usually announced on a Friday, to win the prize money. On the 17th of May 2014 the jackpot rolled over to a record breaking £10,000,000 beating the previous biggest jackpot by over £5,000,000!

Where to bet on the scoop 6

The best company to place a bet on the scoop 6, in our opinion is Betfred. A reliable well established company within the gambling industry who offer a host of services including casino, poker, bingo, sports betting, slots and more. They are currently offering a £30 free bet when registering and only betting £10 (mobile registration only). They sometimes offer a £2 free bet on sports if you bet on the tote. That’s for existing customers too!

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Scoop 6 explained

The scoop 6 is the totes version of the football pools just with less outcomes to pick – 6. The money that’s bet on the scoop 6 is pulled together to make the prize fund, minus a % fee for the bookie. If no one wins the jackpot rolls over to the next week and as we’ve seen recently you can get some really big jackpot wins!

The races are announced on the Friday and are usually feature races that Re shown on channel 4 racing. You can keep an eye on how many tickets are left in the running by watching channel 4 racing or by following Betfred on twitter (@betfred).

You can cover multiple options on the scoop 6 by selecting more than one horse in the same race. This gives you more chance to win but increases your stake significantly. For example if you pick 2 horses in each race then you’ll have 64 possible options, meaning a £128 stake.

scoop 6 betfred explanation

You can soon ramp up to big stakes if you’re covering multiple options. There are some professional gamblers who will place big stakes covering multiple horses and going for the big jackpot. There is no maximum amount of bets that you can place.

There is also a second prize, albeit much smaller, available. This is in the place pot, to win this prize you have to have a horse place in each of the races. The pot is then split between each of the winners and can be around £500.

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The tote pool as it was previously known was government owned until 2012 when Betfred won the bidding to take it over and since then the whole concept seems to have shown an upward trend in popularity. The big prizes available are certainly attractive, especially when you can win from as little as £2. I certainly see money invested here being more worthwhile than sticking it on the National Lottery!

Where to find the Scoop 6 races on the Betfred app.

If you have signed up for an account with Betfred you can bet on the Scoop from both your desktop/laptop and your mobile phone/tablet. we find the mobile version to be more efficient and convenient and can be found directly within the Betfred app available for both iPhone and Android.

Download Betfred On Your Mobile

If you do not already have an account you can sign up for one from the link above, or if you are curious about the Betfred app for your mobile platform, you can find the relevant link to our in depth reviews below.



Once you have installed the Betfred app, open it and sign in. Now hit the menu button in the top left of your screen (the symbol is three horizontal lines on top of each other). You will now be presented with a list of ‘jump to’ options.

One of those options should be ‘Totepool’. Select that option and if this is the first time you have visited you will be welcomed with a friendly user tutorial explaining exactly how to place your scoop 6 bet.

From there you can then view the available pool fund as well as all the horses and jockeys that feature in the 6 races (with full breakdown of Age, weight, trainer and form) for you to bet on.