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Surebets appThe Surebets arbing app is a free app that offers you some free arb opportunities with an under 1.5% return. You can add in “premium” tips with a monthly subscription of £9.49. For our review, we took out the monthly subscription and followed some of the tips to get a good understanding of the app.

You can pay for the subscription through your iTunes account the same as an in-app purchase. It is a rolling subscription so you will need to cancel if you’re no longer using the service. I used this app on an iPhone.

The app is also available on Android via the mobile site. This does look basic but does everything you need. You can subscribe for the higher percentage return arbs on the mobile site.

Surebets Arbing App Review

When you first open the Surebets app you’ll see a long list of games with a % next to them, this is the percentage return from the arb. The free service offers you arbs of up to 1.5% and this covers numerous bookies and sports.

The feed is produced by Surebets taking a read from the bookies APIs (data output). They use the data to compare the prices and markets to get the return. It is a very sophisticated system that can calculate the potential returns over all the bookies, sports, and markets.

Surebets arbing app screen shots

The main opportunities are in the football market. After looking over them they seem to be predominantly split between the outright markets, with both teams scoring over 2.5 goals.

As always with arbing, you’ll need to be quick in order to get your bets placed at the prices quoted. These change all the time so if you refresh the app you’ll get the very latest prices. There are sometimes bets that are in the future which will stay there.

If you want to see the arb in more detail tap on the game. It will show you the odds and which each bookie it’s with. With the app constantly updating, sometimes when you press on a game another will be displayed. Just find the game and tap again.

This is a minor annoyance of the Surebets arbing app but you get used to it. We expect this minor bug to be fixed in a future update.

Want to get the app? Click here for iPhone or Click here for Android

Arbing Settings

Once you’re up and running with the app you can tweak it to find the exact arbs that you are looking for. You can select which sports you want to see and select which bookies you have accounts with. This is quite a good option as you’ll need to be quick to get these arbs. Opening a new account and depositing takes time so it’s best to have your account ready to go.

Personally, I found it best to select the more mainstream bookies along with some of the well-known arbing ones (Pinnacle etc). It’s also advisable to avoid football at first as the markets move too quickly if you’re inexperienced.

I found tennis to be the best return and the easiest one to get on with the Surebets app. Most averaging a 3-5% return. The nature of tennis as a less popular sport meant the odds did not move as quickly.

You will find with football the odds can change before you’ve had a chance to check them out. If you are new to this type of betting then stick to tennis to get an understanding of the service.

Subscription costs

The Surebets app comes with a monthly subscription on iPhone and Android that will cost you up to £9.49 per month. However, you can get it cheaper as there are different subscriptions available. The following subscriptions were available at the time of publishing;

  • 1 Month subscription£9.49
  • 3 Month subscription£18.99
  • 6 Month subscription£34.99
  • Lifetime Access£89.99

If you’re a regular arber or want to get into it this really is great value for money. The monthly cost can be added to your account on iTunes and the wealth of information you get is well worth it compared to the time you’ll spend finding these all yourself. So instead of spending hours trawling through odds checker let the Surebets arbing app do all the work for you!

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