Total Player Shots On Target Coupons: Your Complete Guide


If you don’t shoot, you can’t score. That’s the opinion of most top strikers and over the years there’s been a significant growth in betting on the number of shots taken within a game.

The Total Player Shots On Target coupon takes that a step further, and the rewards can often be very lucrative indeed.

Here at Betting Apps we’re big fans of this market and each weekend scour it to find the best value. 

Below you’ll find all you need to know about the coupon, including what it is and how to make the most of it…

What Are Total Player Shots On Target Coupons?

The concept of this coupon is incredibly simple to understand, all you’re required to do in order to win is correctly predict the number of shots a player will hit on target in a game. 

You’ll generally find this market in an over/under format, so you’ll bet on a player to hit over ‘X’ shots on target within the 90 minutes of play. 

For example, let’s say you wanted to bet on Harry Kane’s total number of shots on target in an England fixture against Bulgaria. William Hill would likely offer odds of:

  • Harry Kane to have over 2 shots on target: 4/7
  • Harry Kane to have over 3 shots on target: 5/4
  • Harry Kane to have over 4 shots on target: 3/1

In this instance you might want to play the over 4 shots odds. In order to win therefore Harry Kane would be required to have a minimum of five shots on goal in order for you to win the bet. 

Can I Play Total Player Shots On Target Coupons With Any Betting App?

A number of top bookmakers will offer this coupon, with William Hill offering it most commonly. 

It’s a market readily available though and the majority of the Android and iPhone betting apps we recommend you’ll find it.

It’s a great market for playing both as a single and accumulator bet, with the latter often offering some serious money with correct predictions.

Total Player Shots On Target Betting Top Tips

When playing this market there are a number of things worth considering when playing this market. 

Some of the key factors to inform you betting include: 

  • Player Form: Form of strikers can be hugely influential in this market. Those out of form may be a little more tentative and be less likely to take a shot on in comparison to those scoring for fun.
  • Manager Tactics: Managers will play certain styles against different teams and that could affect how many chances a player is given to shoot. For example, away teams may look to defend strongly rather than play openly and create a number of chances. 
  • Defence vs Attack: Think about the defence a player is up against. Naturally a top striker will have more shots against a poor defence than they will against a solid one. 
  • Use Free Bets: If you are unsure about a selection, use a free bet to make the most of it. Dozens of betting apps offer them to new customers and you can really benefit on those markets you want to take a risk on.