Using e-Wallets To Manage Your Betting

E wallets on betting apps

When it comes to using betting apps, the ways in which they are evolving continue to astound. From live casino to the latest security measures, they continue to be ahead of the game.

One area in which they have really thrived and come to the fore is in their acceptance of e-Wallets. 

They’re now becoming the norm when it comes to depositing and withdrawing from betting and casino apps and that’s for a good number of reasons. 

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about using e-Wallets with betting apps and why the advantages are ample. 

What Are e-Wallets?

e-Wallets are a relatively simple concept to understand and it’s likely you’ll have even used one before! 

Essentially they are an online tool that stores all your account details within them and allows you to send and receive money with another party without your actual account connecting directly with that party.

They act as a go-between and encrypt all transfers to make them much more secure than regular bank account transactions.

The Best e-Wallets For Betting

There are a number of e-Wallets that most of the best Android and iPhone betting apps now offer, with some incredibly big names available too…

Below you’ll find some of th more common and trusted e-Wallets to sign up to and aid your depositing and withdrawing. 


PayPal is among the most popular payment methods in the world these days and can be used in most online betting apps.

Many of us already have an account and it’s well worth beginning to use in your betting as you’ll find it quicker, easier and safer.


Neteller have developed their e-Wallet almost exclusively for online betting and have a truly superior product that’s been a leader for around two decades. 

It’s thought that around 95% of the company’s revenue comes from the gambling market, and punters love it thanks to low cost fees and a high-quality, efficient service.


Skrill have become a real player over the last few years, and are actually part of the same company as Neteller, in the Paysafe Group.

They have a good relationship with online casinos and betting apps and you’ll find it available across most. Fees are low and in many cases you can transfer money for free.

The Benefits Of e-Wallets In Betting

There are a large number of benefits to using e-Wallets, most notably the convenience they offer, with all your accounts resting in one place. All you need is a username and password and you’re good to go. 

That in itself makes life easier, but it’s also a good idea to use e-Wallets to deposit and withdraw as they generally offer a much speedier service in the case of the latter, in some cases transferring winnings almost immediately. 

Additionally, using an e-Wallet such as PayPal will prevent gambling transactions from appearing within your bank account, which can be frowned upon by banks, particularly when using credit card. Because an e-Wallet is essentially a go-between, all that will appear on your statement is the e-Wallet in question.