Hodgson Set To Make Premier League Return

Watford have recently disposed of their seventh full time manager in a four year period. Claudio Ranieri was shown the door after delivering eight defeats and a draw against Newcastle from their last nine games.

Claudio Ranieri

It seems like the writing on the wall has been planned for some time, with Roy Hodgson being spotted in the car park of Vicarage Road stadium today.

All of the traditional licensed UK bookmakers have taken down the special market of next Watford manager, leaving it only available on the betting exchanges.

Although available, odds available on Hodgson being appointed are 1/100 (1.01).

Hodgson’s peaceful retirement seems to have lasted no more that eight months, if the “advanced talks” being reported end up positively. If the betting markets are anything to go by, it’s already pretty much a done deal.

Hodgson With Still Plenty to Offer

Roy Hodgson holds a wealth of experience within his 74 years on the earth, managing domestically, abroad and internationally across six different decades.

Part of that experience saw Hodgson manage Udinese in 2001 under owner Giampaolo Pozzo. Pozzo’s son, Gino is the owner of Watford, so there is already strong connection between the two. That and the pace of apparent progress in negotiations all seem to make this deal as watertight as they come.

Roy Hodgson in talks to become new Watford manager

Watford may well be a challenge that Hodgson sees as somewhat of a specialty to him. Many clubs in the past have relied upon Hodgson to get them out of a spot of bother and he has regularly delivered. He started his career by turning a Swedish team from relegation fodder to league champions in the 1970’s and in more recent times has raised Fulham, West Brom and Crystal Palace from dire positions.

His feet may well not be able to do the talking anymore, but his knowledge on the game remains second to none. He is a well rounded manager who can get the most out of players. Hodgson doesn’t take foolishness lightly as some of his interviews nicely demonstrate and will surely be seen as a good replacement by the Watford fans, should both parties agree on the tenure.

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